Australia Business Innovation And Investment Provisional Subclass 188 Visa


The Australia Business Innovation and Investment Program have many models introduced to serve the country's economy. The Australia Business Innovation and Investment (Provisional) (subclass 188) Visa is one of such models. One can only get this visa on invitation.

The interested applicant has to indicate his/her interest by Expression of Interest through Skill Select. He/she can then proceed to apply for the visa upon receipt of invitation.

With this visa, the applicant can:

  1. Open a new business or grow an already-existing one in Australia.
  2. Make a specified investment with the government of an Australian state or territory.
  3. Invest a minimum of 5 million AUD

Visa Requirements

Getting the invitation is just one of the visa requirements. The others are:

  • A good business or investment history
  • Corresponding personal and business assets
  • A state or territorial government-sponsored nomination

The Different Streams of Australia Business and Investment (Provisional)

The subclass 188 visa has 3 different streams. They are:

  1. If you want to open or manage a new or existing business in Australia, the Australia Business Innovation stream is for you.
  2. If you are more interested in making investments in any part of Australia and continue to run the business after your investment had matured, then the Systems Investor Stream is for you.
  3. The Australian Significant Investor stream is most suitable if you intend to invest a minimum is 5 million Australian Dollars and keep running the business the business even after your investment has matured.

Helpful Information for Expression of Interest

  • You must indicate the stream you prefer
  • You must also specify the state(s) or territory(ies) you intend to invest in.

Visa Fee

The Base Application Charge is $4,780. For the Additional Applicant Charge, it is $2,390 for adult applicants and $1,195 for under-18 applicants.

Note: if you are 18 at the time of submitting your application, and do not have functional English, you will pay a second installment of $9,795 for main applicants and $4,890 for secondary applicants.

This is only applicable if you have not paid the second installment for the subclass 188 visa.


Visa Fees could be changed without prior notice.

How Opulentus helps you

  1. Register with Opulentus
  2. We allot you a case officer who will guide you in submitting EOI.
  3. Get your invitation for visa

Opulentus Services

  • We take every step with you, guiding and giving you advice to get the best possible documentation till you get your visa.
  • We provide you with all the information there is to process your application.
  • Visa documentation
  • Once you sign the service agreement copy, we give you the document checklist and provide you with information on what to do and you're other options.
  • We give you other document samples and guide you on how to fill it
  • We will correspond with the Department for you when necessary

Note that each country has her own documentation service and process. Kindly refer to your Service Agreement for more details.

Why Invest in Australia?

Australia has a conductive environment for businesses to thrive. With its democratic and politically stable government, the country is home to a highly-skilled workforce and complementary business-friendly regulations.

Australia enjoys a strategic location and an innovative culture. With its excellent quality of living and strong economic credentials, Australia is a good choice of investment and the place to be!

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