Australia Business Innovation Investment Permanent Subclass 888 Visa

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Australian innovation and investment in the Australian (permanent) (subcategory 888) is part of the Australian Business Innovation and Investment Program, designed to benefit the country's economy.

Visas are issued only by invitation. The visa applicant must initially submit his statement of interest through Skill Select and, upon receipt of the call, apply for a visa.

Visa Features

  • Business Innovation stream applicant can continue to own and manage a Business in Australia
  • Applicants for investor flows and essential investor flows can continue their commercial and investment activities in Australia


To be eligible for this Business Visa to Australia, you must fulfill the following conditions:

  • You must have Temporary Innovation and Investment Visa (subclass 188)
  • You must complete the terms of this visa in the stream you first submitted for
  • Appointment of a State or Territory

Information Required for Expression of Interest

The interest of a candidate must indicate the interest rate he is interested in.

The Express of Interest (EOI) should also indicate if it is only interested in one or all countries and territories.

Application Fee

Basic application fee: AUD 2405

Additional billing fees (18 years and over): AUD 1155

Additional billing for applicants (under 18 years old): AUD 575


The second AUD 4890 installment refers to the applicant who:

  • He has reached 18 years at the time of application; and
  • It is estimated that there is no functional English language; and

Meets the secondary criteria for the concession of subclass 888 (Business innovation and investment (permanent)); visa and

  • id not pay the second installment of the visa application fee concerning visa application 188 (Innovation and Business Investment (Provisional)).

Disclaimer: Visa fees may change without notice.

Post Landing & Resettlement Services

  • Assistance for resettlement
  • Help for accommodation, travel, and settlement
  • Pick up at the airport - additional charges
  • Details about local indigenous communities
  • Guidelines for Local Transport and other Settlement Tips

Why Invest in Australia?

Australia offers a variety of opportunities for successful businesses. Australia's impressive reputation as an investment destination is due to several reasons. Some of them are:

  • Powerful economic credentials
  • Democratic and politically stable
  • Regulatory environment tailored to business
  • Strategic place
  • Highly professional and multilingual workforce
  • A new culture with excellent research and development and infrastructure
  • A strong financial services sector
  • Excellent quality of life

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