Australia Business Owner Visa Subclass 890

Overview - Migration to Australia under Business Owner (Permanent) Visa

The Australia Business Owner Visa (subclass 890) is for people that are on a temporary visa and are already doing business in Australia, that want to get a permanent residency. This visa is suitable for applicants seeking a permanent residence status in Australia. With this, they can live and work in the country.

Anyone who files for this investor visa is offered a validity of 5 years, and a lot of social and economic benefits are inherent for the holder.


Once you get the Subclass Visa 890, you can:

  1. Live in Aussie for life time
  2. Work and study in Australia during your period of stay
  3. Apply for citizenship of Australia (if certain requirements are met)
  4. Move to and fro for five years from the day you are granted the visa
  5. Sponsor your families and relatives for permanent residency.


To be eligible for this Investor Visa to Australia, you are required to fulfill these conditions:

  1. Candidate must hold one of the business temporary visas: must hold one of the following business temporary visas:
    • Business Owner (Provisional) visa (subclass 160)
    • Business Owner (Provisional) visa (subclass 890)
    • Investor (Provisional) visa (subclass 162)
    • State/Territory Sponsored Business Owner (Provisional) visa (subclass 163)
    • State/Territory Sponsored Senior Executive (Provisional) visa (subclass 164)
    • State/Territory Sponsored Investor (Provisional) visa (subclass 165)
  2. Candidate must meet every provisional business visa condition.
  3. Candidate must have lived in Aussie for not less thanone year in the last two yearsat the time of applying.
  4. Candidate and their family must meet the health and character or conduct requirements.
  5. Candidate must demonstrate great extent of commitment to continue working in Australia.
  6. The business of the candidate and their spouse must be legal,and they must not have been a partof any form of illegal activities in the past.

The business requirements for this subclass 890 are; two of the following must be provided. You must have:

  1. Employed at least one Australian citizen, New Zealand passport holder through the year of business before applying. Such person must not be a family member.
  2. A net value of both personal assets and business properties summed up to at least A$250,000 in the 1-year business period
  3. Own at least a net worth of A$100,000 in the period of application
  4. Possessa minimum of: 51% of a business with yearlyrevenue of about A$400,000; 30% of a business with yearlyrevenue of A$400,000; 10% of a publicly held business or 10% of your primary business in Australia, in case it was purchased before the 19th of April, 2010.
  5. Not less two businesses operating in Australia and have lodged Business Activity Statements (BAS) to the Australian Taxation Office for the past 24 months for all businesses entailed in your application.


If you want to get this Entrepreneur Visa to Australia, ensure to fulfill the following steps or guidelines accordingly.These are provided by the Australian immigration authority. It may be difficult to fill the form or understand the entire immigration process,but our Australian Registered immigration consultants are on ground to assist and help with the process and choosing the right pathway.

  • You can fill our assessment form on this page
  • Get advice from our experts
  • Get adequate and professional counselling
  • Wait for a decision
  • Get your business Owner visa and move to Australia immediately.


The processing of the Australia Business Owner Visa is from the date you lodged your application, and it is dependent on the number of applications received at that time.

This Migration Process will cost you A$2,275. Otherextra applicant charge for 18 years and above is A$1090 and A$545 for under 18 years.

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Opulentus services

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  • Help you to fix interview date with the embassy
  • Post landing services

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