Australia Doctors And Nurses Visa

Apply for Doctors and Nurses Visas to Australia

This is a short-term visa that allows Doctors to stay and practice for four years It gives opening to Australian organizations (companies, communities or government agencies) to sponsor foreign doctors from abroad for work in Australia for four years.

Doctors and Nurses Temporary Visa Options

Temporary visas are the usual way of residing for doctors who do not yet have complete medical records in Australia. Foreign-traineddoctor can enter the period of supervised practice and formal evaluation in Australia to qualify for the full medical registration.

  1. Temporary business visa (extended stay) (Subclass 457)
  2. Occupational Trainee visa

Some doctors who come to Australia for a supervised training program may apply for this visa for up to 12 months (1 year). Thedoctor must be assigned to a particular training position that is not primarily providing service. Organizations who offer such occupation training programs must apply to make request for nomination of doctors for this visa.

Doctors and Nurses option for Permanent Visa

  • Australia Skilled Independent Visa (subclass 189 visa)
  • Australia Skilled Nominated or Sponsored (Subclass 489)
  • Employer Nomination Scheme

What is the requirement to apply for a doctors & healthcare professionals PR visa?

Step 1: The applicant must evaluate his / her skills and obtain a license for practice in Australia

Step 2: The second step depends on whether you have a job offer

Yes, I must send a letter: Log in to AHPRA in the appropriatestate or registration area. (PESCI may be included to evaluate your clinical aptitude for this job)

No, I do not have a job offer: sign up to continue marketing services.

Step 3:

Yes, I have a letter of offer: make a PR application

No, I do not have a job offer: I accept a job offer and apply for an AHPRA application in the appropriate state or territory. (PESCI may be included to evaluate your clinical aptitude for this job)

Step 4:

Yes, I have a letter for the offer: move to Australia

No, I do not have a job offer: register for PR and move to Australia.

I'm an internationally trained doctor. How do I get a job in Australia?

Foreign applicants must evaluate their skills through the Australian Medical Council.

To evaluate your knowledge,Australia's Medical Council Computer Adaptive Test (CAT) MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions) examinations is used.

The AMC CAT MCQ examination is a multi-choice, computer-based test delivered in a single 3.5-hour session in test centers around the world.

The test consists of 150 MCQs of type A (5 responses of five options) -120 scored items and 30 pilot subjects (without rating). You must complete 150 items and total 120 scored points. If you cannotfinish the 120 scored points of the test, this may likely the absence of information to reliably determine your ability and, therefore, a result on the adaptive scale of AMC. The test result will then be recorded as “Fail- "Incomplete Data to show Result."


The assessment procedure is done to validate the education and practice standards of applicants against Australian medical standards.

Step 1: The applicant submits the form and documents to the AMC

Step 2: Evaluation of application through AMC Main Source (incomplete application, incomplete documentation invalidates the application)

Step 3: Recommendation sent to a specialist college and applicant informed of the recommendation.

Step 4: The AMC receives a report from a specialized medical college on the comparabilitylevel of the applicant. The report is sent to the applicant.

Step 5: The AMC obtains and informs the applicant and the medical school that they accept the approved standards

Step 6: AMC gets a report from the specialized medical school on the eligibility of the applicant and informs the applicant as well.

What is PESCI (Pre-employment structured clinical interview?

PESCI is an assessment of your knowledge, clinical experience, attributes and skills by the assessment body approved by the Medical Board of Australia (MBA). The evaluation process consists of structured interviews, reviews check andcharges.

The MBA and the Australian Regulatory Health Agency have agreed to the application of PESCI as a mandatory condition for foreign medical graduatespursuing registration to practice in Australia in any of the listed roles:

  • All non-specialized positions in private hospitals
  • General practice
  • Doctors (with or without private practice)
  • Senior medical officers
  • Medical superintendents (with or without private practice)

Yourprospective employer is to organize your PESCI

When can I apply for an exam?

Australia Immigration needs an assessment report before the applications made on EOI via SkillSelect. Candidates can come from around the world

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