Australia Eligibility Advisory Service For Investor Visa

Overview: Australia Investor Visa Advisory

The Australia Eligibility advisory service is a service that is set to test the eligibility of potential investors who wish to come to Australia to come and invest before they go ahead to apply for an investor visa. Since it's quite expensive to start the process of visa and also time-consuming, it may be devastating when you are rejected. Thus, the need for this eligibility advisory service.

An investor visa is a permanent business investor (Residence) visa specifically for global investment giants and personalities that have huge net worth, and are seeking to get involved firmly in the Australian economy, with considerations of settling permanently through investment.

How Investment Visa Australia works

To obtain the eligibility advisory and Australian Investor visa service, a minimum investment of AUD $1.5million is required. Nevertheless, the larger your investment, the bigger the benefits you are offered. The Australian investor visa has many streams developed concerning the capital invested:

1. Significant (more than A$5 million) and

2. Premium (more than AUD $15 million) investments, which provide more flexible conditions to get the permanent Australia retirement visa. With the significant stream, a pragmatic solution is provided for as many as are interested in investment migration to Australia.

Benefits of Business Immigration visa to Australia

Successful applicants stand to enjoy the following benefits with the Australia Investor Visa;

1. You get to grow and manage a business (new or already established) in Australia, on the basis of the terms initially agreed.

2. You are able to bring your loved ones and relatives over as dependents

3. You can travel internationally with little or no hassles on the border until visa expiration

4. You can pursue permanent residency or citizenship within a short period of time.

Types of Visas

Australia Investment Visa are of the following types: 1. Business Innovation and Investment (Provisional) Visa (subclass 188) This is typically for top-tier successful investors, which allows foreigners bring their funds and expertise combined to Australia, whether they are engaged in a new or already established Australian business. It is temporary, being granted for 4 years.

Features of Investor Visa Australia (188)

* Visa 188 is granted for a maximum of 4 years * Investors can funnel their resources into new and already established companies * Anyone who holds the visa can cross the Australian border as many times as they wish throughout the duration of the visa

Eligibility for Australia Investment Immigration Process:

To be considered for the Australia Investment immigration and be granted a visa, it is expedient that candidates fulfill certain requirements as follow:

1. Claim for Australia's sponsorship with the national governmental online skill system

2. Applicants must not be older than 55 years old. Exceptions can be given to people that have incredibly outstanding beneficial investments

3. Applicants must have and present a successful, legal and faultless entrepreneur portfolio/profile

4. Applicants must be approved of their investment skills, through the special test which must be passed.

5. Applicants must be of good conduct, temper and health.

6. Applicants must be willing to invest AUD $1.5million into designated Australian bonds before they initiate their application.

7. Applicants must have net business assets and business that can generate an annual turnover of at least AUD $2.25 million.

Other types include:

* Business Innovation and Investment (Permanent) visa (subclass 888): This is an upgraded permanent version of the investor visa 188, which is only suitable for and granted successful investors who have started their investment undertaking in Australia under the Subclass 188. It is only achievable until the undertaking invested in has been confirmed to yield good results during the 4-year period of the Subclass 188.

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