Australia Student Dependent Visa


Most student visas give you the opportunity to take your family to Australia as dependents if you are:

Assessment scale 1 or 2


Assessment 3 or 4 and course that lasts more than 12 months or has been in Australia for 12 or more months

Your course in addition to your nationality determines your assessment level of evaluation curriculum and citizenship.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The spouse/sponsor must have a valid Australian Subclass 500 Student Visa.
  • Allows students to study at regular rates. The eligibility rules are that the applicant has to be six years of age and must also be admitted to study at an institution of education in Australia.

Besides, health insurance is also compulsory.

  • The duration of the stay is five years.
  • Allows you to study the course and work in reduced work time.

Definition of family members

Members of Family include you and your partner's dependent children.

Your partner is your spouse (the person who is married to you) or your regular partner (including equal-sex partners). The relationship is valid if you have lived with a person for a minimum of twelve months and have an exclusive and real relationship with them.

A dependent child is a stepchild, of yourself or your partner who:

  • You are not married or in a de facto relationship
  • Has not turn 18 years old

How do I request the participation of authorized family members?

You can ask family members who are eligible to visit Australia as family members in two ways:

  1. Including them in your student visa application
  2. Ask them to join you after you start a course in Australia.

Note: You must inform all members of the family of your application, even if they do not intend to travel with you to Australia. If you do not do this, your family members will not be able to apply after starting their course in Australia.

Documents Required

If you ask your family members to join you in Australia after you start the course, you should state the following:

  • Form 919 Appointment of Student Family Members
  • Form 157A Student Visa Application
  • letter from the educational service provider showing:
    • Your course study
    • The course duration and your expected completion date
    • If your requirement of the course is satisfying
  • Proof that you have enough money to support your family members in Australia
  • Evidence of your relationship with your family members in the form of an officially issued certificate of birth and marriage certificates
  • School-age schooling test
  • Health insurance proof for each dependent

To find out more about the documentation and visa fees, contact us!

Visa fee and processing time

Visa fee: 535 USD

Visa processing time: depends on the embassy

Disclaimer: The Embassy has presented a visa fee without prior notice

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