Australia Subclass 457 Visa


The Subclass 457 Visa is a work permit for professionals from foreign countries. This visa is intended for qualified international professionals who are sponsored and appointed to work in Australia on a Temporary Basis.

An enterprise/community or agency of government may sponsor a skilled worker on the condition that they are unable to find a competent Australian citizen or a trained permanent resident to fill the vacancy on the list of consolidated sponsored professions.

Steps of a Subclass 457 Visa

The core steps in the recruitment of an expert under Subclass 457 are:

  • The employer submits an application as a sponsor of the applicant
  • The employer chooses an appropriate position
  • Application by the employee

An employee requests a visa Applications/forms for any of these three stages and can be simultaneously submitted.

Visa Eligibility

  • Your employer is obliged to sponsor you to complete the qualification position.
  • You must have the skills, qualifications, experience, and jobs that meet your job requirements.
  • You have to show your English language skills
  • You must be entitled to any relevant license or registration required for the proposed position
  • Health insurance is mandatory

Required Documents

  • Forms
  • Documents about your profession and your skills
  • Documents for identity verification
  • Health and Character Documents

Visa Features

This Australia Skilled Temporary Business Visa allows the holder to do the following:

  • Work and stay in Australia for up to 4 years
  • Accompanied by his/her family
  • There is no travel time limit to and or from Australia

Special Notes

  1. A foreign expert is the principal person sponsored or Primary Applicant
  2. Dependents who apply for the primary sponsored person are the subsidiary sponsors

Visa Fee & Processing Time

  • Payment for the principal visa application: 1060 USD
  • An additional charge of 18 years and over: 1060 USD
  • Additional Applicant Claims Under 18: 265 USD
  • Temporary fee for temporary payment: 700 USD
  • The visa processing time is from 1 month to 3 months. (Depends on Embassy)

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Country Profile

Australia is a country that welcomes several persons to it's aboard and owing to the excellent conditions of living and staying there; many people strive to get there. Some of these factors are what should drive you into considering Australia as a place to visit:

  • Top-notch health care benefits
  • Excellent working conditions
  • Studying in one of the best institutions
  • Accessible social security benefits
  • Can be accompanied by your family
  • And lots more

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