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Australia Business Innovation and Investment Visa

Most individuals choose to invest a portion of their money in foreign stocks. This decision involves conducting business research report in your country of choice. It is important to conduct an Australia business research report to investigate and evaluate the country risk to determine if it is a suitable country for investment. Country risk can an to as a country's unique economic, and political risks, which might result in an unexpected loss in investment. This article will examine the steps used to measure and analyze country risk in a Business Research Report.

Eligibility Criteria

It is to be considered for the Queensland state nomination for the Business Innovation and Investment visa process, it is recommended for applicant first to meet the Australian Government’s DHA criteria. Visit the DHA website for more details.

Applicant should meet BSMQ criteria, which is unique for each of the below-given visa programs.

Business Innovation (Provisional) visa (subclass 188)

To apply for the Queensland state nomination through this visa stream you must   have:

  • Every applicant must have net business and personal equity of minimum AUS $800,000 to be transferred to Queensland before 2 years of your visa being granted, which also include a minimum amount of AUS $200,000 for investment on the business in Queensland.
  • Need to have the commitment for living in Queensland

You are allowed to extend visa permit to an additional 2 years or you can apply for PR (subclass 888).

Please note: BSMQ does not nominate the entry-level authorization, small retail and small hospitality establishments.

Business Investor (Provisional) visa (subclass 188)

To get the Queensland state nomination through this visa stream you must:

  • Every Applicant needs to have net business and personal equity of minimum A $2.25 million to be transferred to Queensland before 2 years of your visa being granted.
  • Ensure and must maintain your designated investment of amount A$1.5 million in Queensland Treasury Corporation Bonds for a period of 4 years.
  • Need to have commitment t for living in Queensland.

Finally for your, Investor visa, you are eligible to apply for PR (subclass 888). This visa will not be extended.

Significant Investor (Provisional) visa (subclass 188)

To get the Queensland state nomination from this visa stream you must:

  • Every Applicant needs to have at least AUS $5 Million available to transfer into Australian complying investment frameworks for a period of 4 years.
  • Need to meet the complying investment frameworks rooted by Austrade and give the details of your complying investment intentions to BSMQ.
  • Need to have the commitment for living in Queensland with additional investments indicated.
  • Every Applicant can extend their Significant Investor visa for more 4 years.

Entrepreneur (Provisional) Visa (subclass 188)

To get the Queensland state nomination from this visa stream you must:

  • Need to have a funding agreement from the third party of minimum amount AUS $200,000 to undertake a complying entrepreneur activity,
  • Must give an comprehensive company business planning, demonstrating an entrepreneurial activity which relates to an innovative idea that is proposed to lead to the commercialisation of a new or enhanced product or service or the development of the new planned enterprise of business,
  • Give an proof of at least 30% share in the ownership of the entrepreneurial entity at the time of entering into the agreement,
  • Applicant need to provide proof of sufficient settlement funds,
  • Need to have the commitment to living in Queensland.

It is highly needed that you arrange the pre-visit meeting with BSMQ to discuss the proposal and application.

Finally, at the end of your Entrepreneur visa program, you can apply for PR (subclass 888).

Third Party Definition

  • Commonwealth Government Agency
  • State or Territory Government
  • Publicly Funded Research Organisation
  • Investor registered from the Australian Venture Capital Limited Partnership or Early State Venture Capital Limited Partnership
  • Specified Higher Education Provider

Visa Application Process

Step 1: Need to review your eligibility status, visa conditions and document checklist on the DHA website and the BSMQ website. Ensure you meet both the DHA and BSMQ criteria and have all your documentation ready before you apply for the migration process.

Step 2: For Queensland state nomination, submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) with SkillSelect.  Please ensure all information is included in your EOI. Preference will be given to applicants who select Queensland as their nominating state of choice over applicants who select your PNP.

Step 3: BSMQ process all EOIs that meet DIBP and BSMQ requirements. If you are successful, you would receive an auto E-Mail Invitation to confirm an application slot and be requested to provide the BSMQ required enclosures. Documents are to be uploaded electronically, through the Document Portal link provided in your invitation email. We will not accept attachments sent to us over email.

Step 4: When you have received your invitation:

Upload all the required documents

Need to pay the non-refundable application fee to BSMQ in order to finalize your visa application.

BSMQ will review your document and may request further information.

Please note: You will be having the option of 14 days to review and finalise your application from the date of ITA. If you are unable to provide the relevant information within this time frame, you must seek an extension from BSMQ. Applications not finalised within time frames will be closed and applicants will need to submit a new EOI if they wish to re-seek Queensland nomination.

Step 5: Once your completed BSMQ application is received & approved, you will receive an invitation from the DHA to lodge your visa process. You will be given a time of 60 days to lodge your application with the DHA.

Note: Significant Investor visa only - When your DHA case officer advises you to make your complying investment, you must submit your completed and signed the DHA Form 1413D  to complete the BSMQ records from your complying investment. It is important for BSMQ to capture this information to help in your ahead application for PR in Australia.

Program Details

Types of Country Risks

A country risk can be divided into two main groups and they include:

  • Economic Risk: it can be described as the ability of a country to pay back its debt.  For example, if a country's debt-to-GDP ratio is high, then the country may not be able to easily raise money to support itself and not suitable for investment.

  • Political Risk: it can be described as the impact of the decisions taken by the politicians of a particular country on businesses and investments. It can also be referred to as the readiness of a country to pay its debt or create an alluring climate for investors and business owners.

How to measure Country Risk

A country's risk can be measured by examining the credit ratings of a particular country. These ratings are usually provided by major rating agencies and other sources such as the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and the Financial Times. A country with a high credit rating is usually considered a suitable country for investment. Also, you can measure a country's risk by observing the financial and economic policies. You need to evaluate the country's policy on the financial market, the performance of the stock market, and its available alternative investment opportunities.

Analyzing Country Risk

There are different techniques and tools used to analyze a country's investment risk. Tools such as sovereign ratings and beta coefficients are used. Australia Business research experts can be categorized into two, and they include:

  • Qualitative Analysis: this can be described as the application of subjective analysis to get the investment risk, such as market rumors and political news. You can get such information on Google or wall street journal.

  • Quantitative Ratings: this can be described as the application of statistics and ratios to get investment risks such as the beta coefficient of the MSCI index and the debt-to-GDP ratio of a country. You can get such information from magazines, Google, and rating agencies.

Steps to take when considering a High-risk Investment

  • Diversify your portfolio: when you have a diversified portfolio, you can reduce the effects of any one security falling abruptly.

  • Hedge your Bets: Advanced investors use various strategies such as purchasing index put options, writing covered calls and so on. This strategy can help you hedge against a downturn in the market.

  • Keep an eye on the situation:  it is important to always monitor your investments. There can be rapid changes in the international market, especially risky ones. That's why it is very important to keep an eye on your investments in other to see the dark clouds before it starts raining.

In Conclusion

Investing in another country involves a careful analysis of the country's risk. It enables you to know the techniques used to build and monitor an international portfolio. By conducting a business research report, you can mitigate risks by deciding on which country is suitable for investment. 

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