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The Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) has one of its primary objectives as building a better future for Australia through a properly-managed and controlled immigration and settlement of migrants.

It has provision for intending immigrants to apply for and get their visas through the General Skilled Category.

In other words, applicants can only get the visa they seek with consideration to the skills they have.

There are several assessing authorities set up for the various occupations. Their primary duty is to evaluate the listed skills of applicants and then deem them eligible to proceed to apply for their visas.

Here at Opulentus, we offer a DIBP service for all those who have passed their skills assessment and wish to apply for their visa.

We have gained experience from having assisted many of our clients from across the world in processing their DIBP visas.

Why Australia?

Here are some of the core reasons why you should choose Australia as your choice destination:

  • Working and living in Australia.
  • High salary and wages.
  • It has a democratically and politically-stable government.
  • The country has a strategic location.
  • Have an excellent quality of living and a stable economy.

Opulentus Fees, Costs and Refund Policy

Here at Opulentus, we charge you a pocket-friendly service fee. You will find that our fees are one of the best in the industry. Our modern Processing Centre processes more than lakh active cases at any point in time.

We have clients from across the world and maintain a standard mode of operation. Our Immigration Process Consultants are the best in the world.

We maintain a standard price list across all our offices, so you have our guarantee that aside company offers and promotions, our prices remain the same for all our services. Therefore you will not get a high price quote and end up paying something lower. Our company determines and fixes a general price for all our client's offices and services. It means that whatever you are paying at any point in time is the same for all our clients all over the world!

Opulentus Services

  • We take every step with you, guiding and giving you advice to get the best possible documentation till you get your visa.
  • We provide you with all the information there is to the processing of your documents.
  • You will get visa documentation guidance from us.
  • Once you sign the service agreement copy, we give you the document checklist and provide you with info on what to do. We also let you know your other options.
  • We give you other document samples and guide you on how to fill it.
  • We will correspond with the Department for you when necessary.

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