Partner Evaluation Visa Report


The applicant can search for "partner skill" points if the partner can meet the basic age requirements, English language skills, on the same list of Qualified Professionals (SOL) designated the profession as the principal applicant who has received an appropriate assessment of the ability of the relevant assessment body and meets the requirement for Australian studies or has recent professional experience with SOL as the lead candidate.

You need to obtain a minimum of 65 points to be invited to this particular visa. The evaluation is done through skill select by Australian immigration.

Point Awarded

The partner's skills get 5 points in the Australian Knowledge Assessment. You can claim your partner or spouse points if your partner fulfills the requirements of the Australian partner/spouse. The points are based on those of your partner

Document Required

To receive points awarded, you must provide documented evidence that your partner has met all the basic requirements for a specific Migration Visa with a general qualification for which you are applying. This evidence should include:

  • Your partner has met all the primary requirements for a special visa for the specific migration you have requested.
  • Satisfy the requirement of Australian Studies in the last six months before your application.
  • They have to be employed in a skilled occupation for at least 12 months in the last 24 months before applying.
  • Evidence of Age to proof they are under 50 years of age
  • English language competent evidence
  • Evidence of Educational qualification
  • Occupation listed under Skilled Occupation List [SOL]
  • Have obtained proper skill evaluation for relevant authority.

You cannot claim skill points if:

  • Your partner is a citizen of Australian.
  • If Your partner resides in Australia for permanently
  • If you have not included him or her in your visa application.

For these points to be assigned, the above-described documents must be anticipated before the point is evaluated.

Contact our experts today to find out more about evaluating partner competencies!

Contact our experts today to find out more about evaluating partner competencies!

The Visa Guidelines

  • What can you do?
  • location
  • How long does the visa pass
  • Family
  • Your obligations
  • Travel

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