Austria Family Reunification

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Austria family reunification gives immediate family members the opportunity to migrate, as a dependent, to Austria. The main applicant must be Blue Card/Austria RWR Card holder or should be a citizen or permanent resident of the country.

Family members who are eligible to apply as dependent are:

  • Registered partners
  • Spouses
  • Unmarried minors including step and adoptive children

About visa

Austria family reunification gives immediate family members the opportunity to migrate to Austria as a dependent. The main applicant must either be an Austrian RWR card holder/EU Blue card holder or must be a resident or citizen of Austria.


  • The "Red-White-Red Card" is granted to the Austrian family members to meet the requirements of the general granting.
  • The "Red-White-Red Card plus" gives its holders free access to the labor market. It does not grant any further permission for employed activity, according to the Act Governing the Foreign Nationals employment.
  • Other Austrian national dependents shall access the residence title "Settlement Permit - Dependent" when the general granting requirements are fulfilled and when a liability declaration has been issued by the sponsor referred in the application of the third-country national.


  • Valid passport (except for dependent child who is below 6 months old)
  • Birth certificate
  • Marriage certificate for spouse
  • Document proof on association or relationship between the main applicant and the dependent
  • Documents relating to accommodation
  • Enough funds
  • Health insurance
  • Financial requirements: The main applicant must earn income equaling to or exceeding the standard income rate.
  • Evidence depicting that sponsor holds the needed residence title
  • German language skills evidence

Dependent Visa Categories

Red-White-Red Card Plus

Family members of

  • An EU Blue Card or Austria Red-White-Red Card holder
  • Third-country nationals* having an Austrian long-term residence title

*Third-country nationals are those individuals who are neither Swiss nor EEA- citizens.

Holders of RWR card plus can stay, study, work or visit Austria.

Family Member of Austria

Austrian nationals or citizens family members can obtain the "Family Member" residence title, upon meeting the guidelines of the Austrian Immigration.

Settlement Permit - Dependent

Austrian nationals or citizens relatives can obtain the "Settlement Permit - Dependent" resident title if they meet the general granting requirements. The sponsor has to issue a liability declaration as regards the third country national

Documents Required

  • Birth certificate
  • Valid passport (not needed for dependent child below six months old)
  • Sufficient funds
  • Marriage certificate for spouse
  • Document proof on the connection between the principal applicant and dependent
  • Accommodation documents
  • Financial requirements: The main applicant's income should be equal to or go beyond the standard income rate. As at 2014, the standard income rate for singles amounts to €857.73, €1,286.03 for couples and an extra €132.34 for each of the children.
  • Evidence of the sponsor's required residence title
  • Health insurance
  • Proof of German language skills (not all categories of dependents are required to demonstrate German language skills. You can share the main applicant's visa copy for further guidance.)

Visa Fee and Processing Time

  • For adults, the visa fee costs 100 EUR (80 EUR during the application lodging and 20 EUR upon visa grant)
  • For minors up to 18 years, the visa fee costs 50 EUR

A minimum of two months is required for visa processing, and this starts after the submission of the application at the embassy.

Disclaimer: Visa fee and duration of processing are at the discretion of embassy and are therefore subject to change.

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