Canada Experience Class Evaluation


If you've always wanted to Migrate to Canada and you're probably thinking of the best way to do it, then you've come to the right place.

Canada has one of the easiest visa processing systems in the world provided if you have the correct documentation. One of the ways you can have an edge during the visa application is by knowing some critical details like Canada Experience Class Evaluation. Knowing what this means would speed up your Canadian visa approval rate.

What Is Canada Experience Class Evaluation?

You would not want to risk your effort, time and money only to be denied a visa. You would want to do a weighing to determine if you will be accepted in the country. Thus, the evaluation. The evaluation would help you decide whether you should put any effort into the visa application.You would also need to know what visa you're applying for.


Canada has different types of visa for those who are immigrating to Canada to become the permanent resident.

Over the years, Canada has developed a visa application process that would fast-track the application for potential immigrants.

The Canada Experience Class Visa is a program for foreigners who want to become a Permanent Resident in Canada. This programme is part of the Canadian Express Entry selection system, which allows for a fast-track to immigrating to Canada.

To whom it is Applicable?

The Canada Experience Class is not for everybody. It is for skilled workers who have some post-secondary school certification. Aside from that, if you meet these criteria, it means that you're eligible for a Canada Experience Class.

  • You have completed a year of work in Canada. Even eleven months and 20 days arenot considered.
  • You meet the required language proficiency in either French or English.
    • It depends on your job.
    • NOC 0 or A skill level requires a Canadian Language Benchmark of 7
    • NOC B skill level job requires a Canadian Language Benchmark of 5.
  • You are not planning to live in the province of Quebec.

How Long Does it Take to Process?

It depends. But on average it is within three to four months. You can get your card as early as 64 days.

What is the COST?

It cost $550 for the processes. You should note that you would be responsible for the cost of medical examinations, language assessments, and police certificates.


There are several steps that you have to follow to ensure that you would have your application approved.

1. Meet Eligibility

You don't need too much to be eligible. The most important is that you have the one complete year of working experience in Canada within the past three years.

You should also ensure that your work permit would carry you during the application process, hence apply for Bridging Open Work Permit.

You should also meet the language proficiency.

2. Create an Express Entry profile.

Complete the profile.

Verify your education. Although it's not a compulsory with Canada Experience Class, it would help you increase the chance of you getting invited.

3. Accept your Invitation

When you're invited, you would have to send the invitation letter back in 90 days to show you've accepted. You should then submit relevant documents like police and medical report.

Once you submit, you have a high chance of being accepted.

How Opulentus Can Help You?

Opulentus will give you the necessary assistance that you need to clear any confusion that you would have why you are on the application process. Approach us today and see why we are one of the Best Immigration Consultancy in the world.

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