Canada Experience Class Immigration


The Canadian Experience Class immigration is open to immigrants who have lived shortly in Canada, speak English or French well; have acquired the needed skilled work experience and have completely adapted to the lifestyle of people in Canada. Having this visa will offer them the opportunity to become actively involved in the nation's economic growth. Temporary Skilled Workers and international students living in Canada without a permanent residence can get it through the Canadian Experience Class.

Eligibility Requirements

For qualification of application, the following conditions must be satisfied

  • Applicants should not intend to live in the province of Quebec.
  • Applicants must have had skilled work experience in Canada at a minimum duration of 12 months full time or its equivalent part-time in the last 3 years as at the time of application.
  • A valid evidence of the skilled work experience must be available.
  • Applications should be submitted latest one year after completion of the job in Canada.
  • Applicants should satisfy the language requirements for their jobs for the different communication skills (reading, writing, speaking and listening)

Features of the Canadian Experience Class

Here are some of the entitlements offered to applicants who enroll in the Canadian Experience Class immigration:

  • Applicants are given a Confirmation of Permanent Residence and an Entry visa
  • They are free to settle, school, travel and invest in the county.
  • Are qualified to enjoy the social security benefits in Canada.
  • Are free to live with family members in the country.

Visa Fee

Applicants would be required to pay these fees during the application process

1.Processing fee: The main applicant, spouse or common-law partner and a married family member below the age of 22 or in a common law relationship would pay $550 per person. Family members below the age of 22 who are neither married or in a common law relationship would pay $150 per person.

2.The Right of Permanent Residence Fee: This amount is to be paid only by successful applicants at the immigration office. The main applicant and the applicant's spouse or common-law partners are required to pay $490 per person.

Please note that fee for right of Permanent residence is free for dependent children

Disclaimer: Visa fees can change without notification to applicants

Extra Charges

Applicants and their family members are charged to pay for services like

Health Examination

Language Evaluation

Police Clearance Certificate

Country Profile

Considered as one of the highly developed nations, Canada has position itself as a hub for industries from several sectors. From IT, automobile, software, healthcare, energy to biotechnology and more, Canada is home to different people from all walks of life.

These are the reasons why Canada should be a place to work:

  • Vast career opportunities in different sectors of the economy
  • Secure and conducive environment
  • Affordable public transportation
  • No strict working hours
  • English language as a primary means of communication

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