Canada Parent And Grandparent Super Visa

Traveling to visit your child or grandchild in Canada?

There is an easy and better way to visit them than the normal visitor visa. The Canadian Parents or Grandparents Super visa allows you to visit your child or grandchild and stay for longer.

To whom it is Applicable?

The Canada Parent and Grandparent Super Visa is a visa that allows parents or grandparents of a Canadian Permanent Resident or citizen access to Canada. The visa is multiple entries, that is, it will enable your parents or grandparents to enter Canada more than once with the visa.

The visa is also a long-term that it lasts up to 10 years. At any time of visit, parents or grandparents can live in Canada for up to 2 years per visit.

What are its Benefits?

  • You can live up to 2 years per visit.
  • You can come with your spouse.

How to Apply

  • You can apply for a Canadian Super Visa by visiting the local Canadian Consulate or Embassy close to you.
  • You can also apply online.

How do you know if you're eligible to apply?

  • You must be a parent or grandparent of the invitee.
  • You have a letter of invitation from your child or grandchild. The letter must be signed and shows that they have a formal commitment to provide financial support during your visit.
  • The letter of invitation should also contain the number of people in the household of your child or grandchild.
  • A copy of your child's or grandchild's citizenship or residency document.
  • You have a medical insurance. This insurance must be from a Canadian Insurance Company. It should be valid for at least a year when you enter Canada. It should also have a minimum of $100,000 as coverage. The medical insurance must have been paid.
  • You must also have access to enter Canada.
  • You must also take an Immigration Medical Exam.
  • You must also be willing to leave by choice. If you're thinking of permanent residency, then you should look for other visa options.

What Documents Do You Need?

  • Valid passport
  • Medical certificate
  • Signed invitation letter
  • Purpose of visit
  • Documents showing financial situation
  • Documents showing that you're the parent of the Canadian resident.

Biometrics Requirements

If you're from Europe, the Middle East or Africa, you would need to give your biometrics fingerprints, and photo.

The biometrics is valid for ten years from the time of registration.

Visa Processing Time

The Canadian super visa takes ten weeks to process.

Visa Fee

The sponsorship fee for a parent or grandparent for a super visa is $75

The processing fee for a super visa is $475

That would make $550

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