Canada Self Employed Visa Evaluation Report


Canada allows you apply for a Permanent Residency if you're self-employed in the cultural or athletic sector. This means that you have experience working for yourself over a period of time.

Why Would You Do Self Employed Visa Evaluation?

The evaluation is necessary that you would know whether you qualify to apply for a Canadian Self Employed Visa. To apply for the visa means you would have to commit monetary effort and time. It is devastating when you're rejected from what you applied for. So, it is better you know beforehand if it's necessary to apply. Thus, the evaluation.

To whom it is Applicable?

The self-employed visa is not for everybody. In fact, you don't only need to be self-employed but also need to be self-employed in the right industry. The industry includes cultural and athletic. You must be at least self-employed for 2 years before applying for a Canada Self Employed Visa.

Selection Based System

The Canada self-employed visa works on a selection basis where you get points to see if you qualify. The maximum point you would accrue is 100, but the Canadian authority says 35 points is a pass mark.

The Criteria for Selection is given below:

Selection Criteria Maximum Possible Points
Experience 35
Education 25
Language proficiency 24
Age 10
Adaptability 6
Total 100

We would take a look at each and see how they can affect your points.


Your experience is important to Canada thus the reason it has the highest possible points. This table shows you. It is measured in years.

Years of Relevant Experience Points

Five years 35
Four years 30
Three years 25
Two years 20


This is the next most important to the Canadian Immigration Authorities. This table shows it better.

Educational Qualification and Years of Work or Study Points
Master's Degree or Ph.D. with at least 17 years of full-time work or study. 25
Two bachelor's degree or more with a full-time work or study for a minimum of 15 years. 22
Three-year diploma, apprenticeship or trade certificate with at least 15 years of work on a full-time level 22
Bachelors degree of two years or more with at least 14 years of work or study on a full-time level. 20
Two-year diploma, apprenticeship or trade certificate with at least 14 years of work on a full-time level 20
Bachelor's degree of one year with at least 13 years of work or study on a full-time level. 15
One-year diploma, apprenticeship or trade certificate with at least 13 years of work on a full-time level 15
One-year diploma, apprenticeship or trade certificate with at least 12 years of work on a full-time level 12
High School Diploma 5

Language Proficiency

This is measured regarding how well you can communicate in either English or French. You would take a proficiency test to know how you fare. Maximum point is 24.


Age Points
16 or under 0
17 2
18 4
19 6
20 8
21-49 10
50 8
51 6
52 4
53 2
54+ 0


It requires you to show that you would adapt to the Canadian system easily.

If you already have a relative in Canada that would give you the five points.

If your spouse is also educated with a higher degree that would give a maximum of five points.

If you or your spouse has studied or worked in Canada before your application that would also give you five points.

When you meet more than one of these, you would have the maximum six points.

What are its Benefits?

Permanent Residency in Quebec.

Social Security.

Your family members can be with you

What Documents Do You Need?

Valid passport

Medical certificate

Educational documents

Police certificate. Not just for you but for your family members as well.

Language proficiency test documents.

Visa Processing Time

The visa takes 24 months to process.

Visa Fee

Visa cost $1,050 for the principal applicant while the spouse pays $550. You would pay $150 for a dependent child.

Permanent Residence Fee

After you're approved, you would pay $490 for right of the residence. You and your spouse would pay differently.

Additional Fees

You would pay for the police report and the medical certificate yourself.

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