Denmark Dependent Visa

Overview - Denmark Dependent Visa

Foreigners who reside or work in Denmark but are separated from their family may bring the members of their family to Denmark too through this visa scheme. The Denmark Family Reunification scheme provides a dependent visa that allows the rest of the family to immigrate to the country as well. The applicant is required to file an application for the migration of his or her family.

Application forms must be duly filled and submitted in person in Denmark to the immigration authorities. However, the form will still be accepted outside Denmark if it is submitted to a Danish diplomatic mission in the country of application. Applicants must apply from their country of origin. Where the applicant wishes to apply from another country different from his or her country of origin the applicant must have stayed in that country for up to three months before he or she can make the application at the Danish embassy in that country. At the point of submission the authorities will record the biometrics of the applicant, a digital photograph, signature, and fingerprints of all 10 fingers.


However, there are specified requirements that need to be met before the migration is approved.The following will be required when filing for a Demark Family Reunification Visa:

  1. A duly completed and signed application form.
  2. A recent and valid passport that will remain valid for a minimum of 3 months after the expiration of the visa.
  3. A recent passport photograph not more than 3 months old.
  4. A non-refundable fee of €181 for applicants above 15 years.
  5. Birth certificates of all children
  6. Marriage certificate in the case of couples
  7. Financial capability
  • DKK 64404 annually for spouses or cohabiting partners
  • DKK 16104 per year for each per child in the case of married or cohabiting parents
  • DKK 19428 yearly for each child in the case of a single parent


To qualify for a family reunification with spouse, applicants and spouse must meet certain criteria including:

  1. The marriage must be legally valid and the both partners must have been living together.
  2. An integration assessment will be done and both the applicant and spouse need to meet the requirements.
  3. Tests will be set in Danish and the applicant needs to pass two of such tests.
  4. Both partners must be voluntarily in the relationship.
  5. The applicant must be up to 24 years of old.


To qualify for a family reunification with children and other members the following requirements have to be met:

  • The child or children must live with their parents in Denmark.
  • The child or children must not have started a family of their own.
  • The reunification must be to the best interest of the child or children.
  • The parents must have a legal residence in Denmark.

Processing Time and Fee

The expected maximum processing time for a Denmark dependant visa is 10 months while the fee is DK 6,700. This fee is subject to review at the discretion of the immigration authorities; it is advisable to confirm the fee at the time of application. Once all requirements are met and the Danish Immigration Service approves the application for a family reunification, a notification of confirmation will be sent to the applicant. Applicant and the family may now move to Denmark in accordance to the provisions offered by the visa scheme.

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