Denmark Green Card Dependent Visa


Denmark is expanding and growing its economy steadily. With the emergence of new companies and the expansion of existing ones, more and more employment offers present themselves for a take. The Denmark economy offers high package jobs with international standard work environment and amenities. Several companies and industries in the country suffer the shortage of skilled labour and professionals in the field, hence, opening the opportunity for foreign expatriates to work and live in Denmark to make up for the shortage. Denmark green card dependent visa prevents such skilled workers and professionals from been separated from their immediate family. It was designed for the spouses, registered partner, and unmarried children below 18 years of age of a foreigner in Denmark with a Denmark green card to join their spouse or parent in the country.


The visa process for gaining under this visa scheme is quite straightforward and simple although it may take a while to complete the process at times. With a Danish dependent visa, the spouse, or registered partner of a Danish green card holder may work in Denmark for as long as the card remains valid. This visa is also a pathway to become a permanent resident in Denmark. Once the request for the green card dependent visa goes through, the dependents will become eligible for residence permits.

The Denmark Dependent Work Visa has a maximum initial validity period of four years but will be valid only while the visa of the green card holder remains valid. This means no matter the validity period of the dependent visa, once the visa of the green card holder expires that of the dependent relative becomes invalid too. However, the Denmark green card can be renewed with its validity period extended once a request is filed provided all requirements are still meet even after the expiration of the initial validity.


Like with every other country, anyone who seeks for a visa needs to meet certain eligibility criteria. For the Denmark green card dependent visa, the following criteria must be met:

  1. An application form that is completed and duly signed.
  2. A valid passport with a minimum of 12 months validity period.
  3. A recent passport photo not more than 3 months old.
  4. The spouse of the green card holder is required to present the marriage certificate as proof of their marriage.
  5. Similarly, the child of the green card holder is required to present his or her birth certificate as prove of their relationship.
  6. The child or children should not be above 18 years of age at the time of filing the application.
  7. The spouse and child or children of the green card holder must live together in Denmark.

Financial Requirements

The required funds are:

  • DKK 130,188 for Spouse Dependent
  • DKK 172, 992 for Spouse with Child

Visa Fee & Processing Time

Visa Fee: DKK 1600 is charged for application per dependent

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