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Apply for Denmark Start-up Visa Process

Denmark is indeed one of Europe’s finest places to start up a business. Denmark’s economy and the environment are entrepreneur-friendly and attract investors and businessmen from across the globe. One of the packages that foster such business ideas is the Start-Up Denmark scheme that promotes and encourages credible and innovative entrepreneurs seeking to develop start-ups ideas in Denmark with high returns and profitability. Denmark start-up visa programme is jointly run by the Ministry of Immigration, Integration and Housing and the Ministry of Business and Growth. It is indeed the most preferred visa option for foreign entrepreneurs entering Denmark to start up a business.


Start-Up Program Details

Start-up Denmark is designed for only foreign nationals who live outside the European Union (EU) and the European Economic Area(EEA) and are not citizens of any of the member states within this area. Foreigners under this visa scheme are equally entitled to basic welfare benefits like healthcare and education. The spouse and children along with other dependents may join a Start-up visa holder in Denmark.

With a Denmark Start-Up Visa and a residence and work permits, one is granted access to investments in Denmark, relevant research centres, materials and resources required to expand and build one’s business to ensure it strives favourably.

One start-up visa can is by two entrepreneurs who wish to establish the business together. However, they must apply separately for a residence and work permit. Doing business in Denmark allows one to build one’s business in a favourable entrepreneurial ecosystem with friendly tax plans and amenities. This also comes with a free beneficial business counselling for all applicants who would like one.


To start up a business in Denmark the following Eligibility:

  1. Applicants must have a credible entrepreneurial business idea that is authentic and approved by the Danish Business Authority's panel of experts.
  2. Applicants must be capable of supporting themselves financially, psychologically, and otherwise throughout their stay in the country.
  3. Applicants must not be shareholders of the business but must play the crucial part in the running of the business economically and financially.


The fee varies based on the number of dependents the applicant hopes to move with to the country. A piece of look information on what the pricing looks like shows:

  • Applicant only – 135,384 DKK
  • Applicant along with the only spouse – 270,768 DKK
  • The applicant with only child and children -179,916 DKK
  • Applicant along with spouse and child or children – 315,300 DKK


The first step requires the applicant to submit a comprehensive and detailed business plan describing the business model and involvement to the Start-Up Denmark regulation. The proposal will then be assessed and scrutinized by the panel. The Start-Up Denmark Team usually takes up to six weeks after submission to respond to the applicant. The applicant is given a letter of endorsement to proceed with the business once the business plan is accepted.

Upon endorsement, the applicant must proceed then to file for a work permit at the Danish Agency for International Recruitment and Integration. This is initially valid for two years. At the end of the two years, business owners may apply for a renewal or extension of the visa for another three years top (more extensions of three years may be granted to the foreigner after the expiration of the former provided he or she still meets the required criteria).

Once the applicant gets the residence and work permit, he or she becomes legally eligible to start-up his or her business in one of the promising countries in all of Europe for start-ups.

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