Benefits Of Getting Hong Kong Evaluation Report

Benefits of Getting Hong Kong Evaluation Report

Hong Kong welcomes highly skilled immigrants to settle in their country to boost its economy.

The selection process is done via a Points-based System. This system focuses on parameters outlined by the Hong Kong Immigration Department.

The points-based system equally helps the country maintain its competitiveness in the global market.


The essence of the Hong Kong Evaluation Report is to evaluate your eligibility for Hong Kong visa based on the criteria set out by the Hong Kong immigration department before channeling your resources into the main visa application process.

Due to the fact that the visa is not guaranteed, you need to conduct your due diligence before committing your financial resources into your Hong Kong immigration pursuit.

To help simplify the process and guide applicants, several immigration consultants offer evaluation report service for prospective migrants. At opulentus, our expert team of immigration consultant will review your score and check the necessary criteria for the visa. If your score meets the required standard, then we can apply for a visa for you but if your score is below the required score, then our full service of applying the visa for you will not be processed further.


Evaluating your profile beforehand is beneficial to you because it helps in determining your eligibility and the immigration consultants will advise you on the best visa to apply for.

It is advisable to use professional visa consultants that offer Hong Kong visa services.


Applicants will be scored based on the following factors:

  1. Age - To score points on age, you need to be between age 18-50 years.
  2. Educational Qualification - To score points for your educational qualification, you need to possess either a Bachelors; Masters or Ph.D. degree from a reputable and recognized university.
  3. Work Experience - Hong Kong immigration is majorly seeking highly skilled workers so you would score better points if you have more than 2 years graduate level work experience.
  4. Language Proficiency - English language proficiency is vital, so you need to score the required IELTS or TOEFL pass mark.
  5. Family Background - You can score points if other members of your family like your wife and child/children would be accompanying you.
  6. Employment Status - You can score points for your current employment status.
  7. Medical Strength - Your medical status will earn you additional points. So ensure you are in good health condition before applying.


Once every quarter, The Hong Kong Immigration Department publishes the result of the selection exercise.

The selection exercises are conducted on a regular basis for quota allocation to qualified applicants.

It is important to note that during each selection exercise, applications that meet the selection criteria and minimum pass mark will be ranked based on their awarded scores.

Only high scoring applications will be short-listed for further assessment.

The average process period is about 6-9 months after the submission of application.

How Opulentus Can Help You

Increase your chances of migrating to Hong Kong and settling as a skilled worker by using our expert team of immigration consultants.

Opulentus can give you the necessary assistance that you need to ease up the application process. Contact us today and see why plenty of people trusting us at a time by applying for different countries visa through us.

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