120th Express Entry Draw 3 350 Itas Announced For Canadian Pr

120th Express Entry Draw: 3,350 ITAs Announced for Canadian PR

opulentus.com | Updated: 27 Jun 2019


Comprehensive Details of 120th Express Entry Draw

The Express Entry draw held on 26 June for immigration to Canada has produced in 3,350 applicants being announced an invitation to apply (I.T.A.). The cut-off Comprehensive Ranking System (C.R.S.) threshold in the current draw was 462.

The C.R.S. cut-off limit for the early draw, which happened on 12 June, was 465 points, and the draw prior to that held on 29 May, had a cut-off limit of 470, implying that the C.R.S. demand has dropped by 8 points in less than one month.

A tie-break was appealed for the 26 June draw, implying that not all applicants with 462 C.R.S points may obtain an I.T.A. As multiple applicants may have equal to C.R.S. points 462, those who had their profile in the pool prior to 11 May 2019 at 17:40:54 UTC were preferred..

It was the 13th Express Entry draw conducted in 2019 so far, and the 120th since the Federal Express Entry was started in 2015. With 41,800 invitations announced so far in 2019 looks set to be another great year for Express Entry system, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (I.R.C.C) ramps up invitations to attain its economic immigration goals. It may result in declines in the threshold C.R.S. cut-off as the year goes on. The record low cut-off threshold for Express Entry for an all-program draw is 413.

C.R.S. cut-off  Score in Express Entry 

Within 1 May and 29 May, the C.R.S. score cut-off for all-program Express Entry draws raked up from 450 to 470, mainly because there was no all-program draw in that specific period. Since then, the C.R.S. score cut-off has dropped twice in a row, in the Canadian Express Entry draws conducted on 12 June 2019 and 26 June 2019. On both events, a total of 3,350 applicants were invited to appeal.

There is a range of parameters that may affect the C.R.S. score cut-off, including:

  • The number of applicants invited;
  • The draws frequency;
  • The number of new applicants accessing the pool; and
  • Modifications in the C.R.S. scores of current candidates, whose scores may improve or lower depending on their conditions.

As of 21 June, there was a sum of 111,229 applicants in the pool of Express Entry.

Express Entry C.R.S. Score Cut-off Records

  • Minimum C.R.S. cut-off points in all the Express Entry draws: 413 (all programs), 199 (F.S.T.C)
  • Maximum C.R.S. cut-off points in all the Express Entry draws: 886 (all programs), 902 ( P.N.P )

List of Express Entry Draws Conducted in 2019

Minimum C.R.S. cut-off points in Express Entry Draws Conducted in 2019: 438

Maximum C.R.S. cut-off points in Express Entry Draws Conducted in 2019: 470

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