Australia New Points System For Skilled State And Regional Visas

Australia: New Points System for Skilled, State and Regional Visas | Updated: 21 May 2019

Australia: New Points System for Skilled, State and Regional Visas

The introduction of 02 skilled regional visas, subclass 491 and 494 and respectively. The following legislation will launch numerous modifications to skilled migration from 16 Nov 2019 including granting extra points to specific applicants. These reforms introduce an updated points system for subclass 491 visa along with current General Skilled Migration Visas that are Skilled Independent subclass 189 and Skilled Nominated subclass 190 visas. Points are provided for attributes that are connected with the applicant’s capacity to make the most significant economic participation, as the principal purpose of the program of skilled migration is to maximize the economic profits of Migration to Australia.

Modifications to the Points Test

  • Additional 10 points for having a skillful de facto partner or spouse;

  • Additional 15 points for applicants proposed by a government of Territory or State or sponsored by a member of the family living in regional Australia;

  • Additional 10 points for having special qualifications in S.T.E.M;

  • Additional 10 points for applicants who don't have a de facto partner or a spouse; and

  • Additional 5 points for applicants with a de facto partner or a spouse who has sufficient English.

Currently, Skilled Independent (subclass 189) and Skilled Regional (subclass 489) provisional visas are remaining at least 80-point score. It indicates that candidates who lodged their E.O.I which is less than 80 points are unlikely to get an invitation in the following round.

The new points system will take force from 16 Nov 2019. It will coincide with the abolition of subclass 187 (R.S.M.S visa) and subclass 489 (Regional Provisional Visa) and initiation of Subclass 491 and subclass 494 visas.

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