Canada Ambitiously Aims To Welcome 1 Million Permanent Residents By 2021

Canada Ambitiously Aims to Welcome 1 Million Permanent Residents by 2021 | Updated: 21 Jan 2019

Current reports by the CNN, BBC, and others have highlighted how the 03-year objective is setting Canada special on the global stage. As CNN stated, Canada’s welcoming stance towards current residents comes as many different Western countries, including the USA, are adopting higher restrictive policies of immigration.

A New York Times view took it further, discussing the U.S. must be following Canada’s model and improving immigration for the cause of its “economic health.”

This reason lies at Canada’s heart drive to increase its levels of immigration. In his department’s yearly report to Parliament last fall,  Ahmed Hussen, Canadian Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Minister, told, increasing levels of immigration, especially in the Economic Class, will support us maintain our labor force, help economic growth and encourage innovation.

Canada’s Immigration Levels Plan

Below Canada’s recent 03-year plan of immigration levels, complete immigration is assumed to approach 350,000 latest permanent residents in the year 2021. It describes an immigration level approximately 1% of the Canadian population, which the Canadian Conference Board states must be reached by the year 2030 to assure modest population and growth of the economy.

Approximately 60% of all current permanent residents anticipated this year are slated to come through programs of economic immigration. Of these, 04 programs — the 03 Federal High Skilled programs conducted by Federal Express Entry system and the PNP — are assumed to account for approximately 75% of all economic admissions.

With Canada’s programs of economic immigration, the 03 Express Entry-directed programs —  the Federal Skilled Trades ClassFederal Skilled Worker Class, and Canadian Experience Class — have the biggest target of the year 2019 at 81,400 current admissions.

Launched in 2015, Federal Express Entry is tailored to support immigration applicants who are young, educated, knowledge in French or English and have proficient work experience. These are estimated the elements for obtaining success in Canada and improving a newcomer’s contribution to the economy of Canada.

Government numbers for Jan to Oct 2018 show information systems analysts and consultants, software engineers and designers, interactive media developers and computer programmers leading the list of professionals invited to appeal for Canadian PR by Express Entry in 2018.

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