Canada Brings Action Plan To Protect Vulnerable And Temporary Residents

Canada Brings Action Plan to Protect Vulnerable and Temporary Residents | Updated: 01 Jun 2019

Canada Brings Action Plan to Protect Vulnerable and Temporary Residents

Vulnerable Canada immigration applicants and temporary residents are set to properly protected by many new measures being launched by the Canadian government. 

The federal government of Canada has published action strived at defending vulnerable workers and the latest immigrants. Within now and Sept 9, 2019. 

Three latest measures will be launched by Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada to assist and protect immigrants in several situations:

  • Vulnerable workers

  • Immigrants who face abuse from family

  • To help immigrants sponsor their family members that they didn't initially disclose

Ahmed Hussen, Immigration Minister stated Immigrants who failed to inform direct family members as they initially came to Canada were refused to sponsor them. Today, we corrected that mistake.

No worker should fear to lose their employment when they are being abused in their workplace. No partner must be more afraid of dropping their status of immigration instead of avoiding abuse.

Vulnerable Workers

Beginning from 4 Jun 2019, migrant workers who hold an employer-specific work permit suffering an offensive job situation in Canada can appeal for a Canada open work permit.

The move will enable the worker to neglect the abusive company immediately and obtain another job without the worry of missing their status. When an appeal for an open work permit is approved for a vulnerable worker, the organization will also encounter an inspection.

Immigrants who Face Abuse from Family

Beginning from 26 Jul 2019, immigrants who are victims of violence from family can appeal for a fee excluded temporary resident permit to provide them Canadian legal immigration status. The status covers health care coverage and a work permit.

I.R.C.C is also facilitating the process for people in urgent family violence situations who appeal for Canada PR on compassionate and humanitarian grounds.

The advanced process of the temporary resident permit for family violence victims is only accessible to global nationals in Canada who did n't obtain their PR and whose Canadian status is dependent on their offensive spouse or partner. It is not accessible to global citizens in Canada outside.

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