Canadian Immigration Successfully Attracts Economic Talents A Study

Canadian Immigration Successfully Attracts Economic Talents - A study | Updated: 14 Aug 2019

Canada Immigration, Express Entry Program
The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development conducted a review of economic immigration system in Canada.

Canada Immigration is A Success Story

It reveals that Canada is doing well in selecting and welcoming Overseas Workers. The report also suggests that some changes will help in meeting the needs of the economy. This study has come at a time when there is a debate in Quebec regarding reducing the number of immigrants, and the federal election is round the corner where immigration is a major issue. The organization examined the recruitment of overseas labor in Canada in its Express Entry Program where the government invites professionals and workers to reach Canada permanently.

Canada Jobs and The Way To go Ahead

The system is working, but has a few flaws regarding the screening policy leaving some scope of political manipulations. Another issue is the seeking of professional credentials from areas outside Canada not recognized in Canada. The body was also happy about the changes like reducing the number of points for the applicants receiving the job offer. This measure was of help in better alignment of the labor market requirements and in applicants seeking entry.

Canada Jobs Need Some Better Candidates and Systems

The study showed a few mismatches in the running of the system. Some areas find it harder to get suitable candidates to meet labor shortages of their need. 85,000 economic immigrants annually settle in Canada and most of newcomers integrate well into the country. The government in Quebec argues that more work is necessary for ensuring that there is a match between the laborers and the market needs. Some groups argue that the size of the planned intake is low. The OECD report did not review the policies and programs of Quebec. It and found that generally newcomers who are recruited directly and settled by the province show better results than the newcomers who are arrive through the federal programs.

Canada Immigration Can Work for Better Tomorrow

The government is pledging for making the system of immigration better and responsive to labor market requirements. There will also be an improvement in the system of credential recognition. Also there is a promise to make a pilot project permanent as it has a fast-track system in the application process for specific employees. Finally, OECD study stated that Global Skills Strategy was living up to its promise, and can serve as a template in helping the pace of temporary labor programs.

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