Canadian Job Vacancy Rate Attained A New Record In First Quarter Of 2019

Canadian Job Vacancy Rate Attained A New Record in First Quarter of 2019 | Updated: 14 Jun 2019

Canadian Job Vacancy Rate Attained A New Record in First Quarter of 2019

The rate of job vacancy in Canadian private sector touched another record in the first quarter of 2019 with the greatest number of unfilled jobs recorded in Quebec, the Canadian Federation of Independent Business states in the latest update.

The federation states a sum of 435,000 jobs remained vacant for a minimum of 04 months over Canada during the initial quarter of 2019, which accounted for a rate of job vacancy 3.3%.

The nationwide job vacancy rate has been continuously climbing for the prior two years, and it attained another record high in the previous quarter, told Ted Mallet, chief economist and vice-president of the Canada Federation of Independent Business (C.F.I.B). The C.F.I.B. states labor deficits affected skilled jobs higher than semi- or unskilled professions.

The deficits were also setting intense pressure on the levels of wage, with companies who had minimum one vacant job stating they expected to increase wages.

The C.F.I.B. states the vacancy rate of the job is decreasing relative to this identical time in the year 2018, but labor deficits continue a challenge for organizations, especially in the provinces of Quebec, Ontario, and British Columbia.

Canadian Provinces Labor shortages

Labor deficits in Quebec Province were the most severe in the 2019 first quarter, with the rate of job vacancy reaching 4.1%. British Columbia was next with a rate of job vacancy of 3.6%, and Ontario attained third with a rate of 3.3%.


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Sector-wise Shortages

Construction industry of Canada met a vacancy rate of 4.9% in the 2019 first quarter, accompanied by personal services at 4.7%. Agriculture Businesses had a rate of a job vacancy at 3.8%, and the hospitality sector had a rate of job vacancy 3.7%.

Canada attended a record 106,500 positions added in the month of April and another 27,700 jobs attached in the month of May, and unemployment in the nation is at its weakest point in higher than 40 years.

Statistics from 2018 reveal this situation has profited latest immigrants within the ages of 25 and 54, who had a rate of employment 71% — a rate unnoticed since 2006.

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