Germany Passes Migration Law Focusing On Asylum And Immigration Policy

Germany Passes Migration Law Focusing on Asylum and Immigration Policy | Updated: 10 Jun 2019

Germany Passes Migration Law Focusing on Asylum and Immigration Policy

Germany on Friday that is on 07 June passed a controversial bills package bringing significant reforms to the country's immigration policy and asylum following an intense debate in parliament.

The package comprised the so-called "Orderly Return Law" — which promotes the failed asylum seekers deportation and develops related police powers and authorities of immigration.

The current law's aim, as per its draft version, is to enhance the successful deportations proportion significantly. Nearly half of the proposed 188,000 deportations from Germany since 2015 missed or were not taken, as per interior ministry data.

New Migration Law Details

The policy package also incorporated measures to enhance access to the labor market of Germany for Skilled Migrants. For example, migrants without the status of asylum who came before last summer can stay in Germany for the time being if they hold a job and speak the German language. Also, it dismissed prior rules that needed German companies to show that they found no German or another E.U. citizen to attain the job to hire a skilled non-EU migrant.

The package was involved in the argument, in specific, due to the deportation law, and provoked an intense debate in parliament, marking the extent to which the political landscape of Germany continues divided over migration.

Horst Seehofer, Interior Minister from the Christian Social Union, Merkel's Christian Democrats (CDU) the Bavarian sister party, declared that the law was necessary to assure unsuccessful asylum seekers would be removed.

The Social Democrats' drop has raised inquiries over Germany ailing coalition government's viability, in which the S.P.D is the junior associate to Merkel's CDU. A fresh poll found plenty of Germans prefer calling a snap election.

But on 7 June, the CDU's Thorsten Frei told his party's alliance with the S.P.D was not in crisis, attaching that the package of migration passing was the greatest "proof for the great coalition's capacity to take action."

The returns law moved by 372 to 159 votes, with 111 were not Voted. The labor market access law moved by 369 to 257 votes.

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