Global Talent Stream Best Pathway For Skilled Workers To Get Canada Pr

Global Talent Stream: Best Pathway for Skilled Workers to Get Canada PR | Updated: 06 Jul 2019

Global Talent Stream: Best Pathway for Skilled Workers to Get Canada PR

Since eing launched in June 2017, approximately 40,000 people have moved to Canada below the Global Talent Stream, Canada’s response to an economy in demand of highly-skilled workers. In these immigrants to Canada, approximately 24,000 are highly skilled workers in professions such as information system analysis, computer programming, and software engineering.

Global Talent Stream

The Global Talent Stream is a part of Canadian Global Skills Strategy, is an immigration program that enables Canadian organizations to promote the hiring of international workers to fill specific occupations when Canadians aren’t open to particular roles.

Refugees, Immigration, and Citizenship Canada (I.R.C.C) aim to process Global Talent Stream work permit appeals in only two weeks, delivering the program the quickest immigration pathway for skilled workers exploring for a new life in Canada.

Simultaneously, it’s simple to see why higher than 1,100 Canadian organizations have utilized the Global Talent Stream within June 2017 and June 2019. These organizations have committed to producing higher than 48,000 jobs and higher than 12,500 paid co-op jobs while contributing over $113 million in skills training and development.

Process of Global Talent Stream for Foreign Workers

As an international worker, the first point to recognize is that you cannot appeal directly to the Global Talent Stream. Only an employer in Canada can appeal to the GTS, and the international worker(s) they want to hire are listed on the appeal. It implies that if you want to obtain a GTS work permit, your primary goal should be to obtain a job offer from an employer in Canada who qualifies for the program.

As explained above, there are a couple of GTS categories by which an employer in Canada can apply.

Category A: is for companies who are referred by authorized partners of the GTS and who are recruiting unique and specific talent.

Category B: is for companies who are recruiting for jobs on the List of Global Talent Occupations.

If you are a worker expecting to find an employment offer that qualifies beneath the GTS, you should also check that whether you satisfy the definition of “unique and specific talent” or if your profession falls under the List of Global Talent Occupations.

If you think that you satisfy the conditions for one of the Global Talent Stream categories, then your subsequent step is obtaining a job offer.

Again, you cannot appeal straight to the G.T.S., so after obtaining a job offer, your organization will have to provide an application that contains your information. If the employer’s appeal is successful, they will obtain a positive Labour Market Impact Assessment (L.M.I.A.). You can utilize this L.M.I.A. to apply for a work permit of Canada that will be processed in approximately ten business days.

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