Owner Operator Program Helps Many Small Investors To Settle In Canada

Owner Operator Program Helps Many Small Investors to Settle in Canada

opulentus.com | Updated: 27 May 2019

Owner Operator Program Helps Many Small Investors to Settle in Canada

The current performance of economic growth in Canada produces one of the most convenient times for international investors or business persons attending to develop in Canada. Canada has active sectoral groups and geographical and one of the best banking systems in the globe.

At a time when the USA remains to lessen immigration with strict rules and shut its borders; its north neighbor seems to be more determined to broaden the gates. The business-friendly atmosphere in Canada is built on world-class metro cities that continuously rank as the greatest places to work and live. Business possibilities in Canada are endless, and the business atmosphere is welcoming. Canada's aggressive business costs, fair corporate tax rates, thriving innovation clusters, active infrastructure, transport, and quick access to markets present Canada a favored business destination in the globe.

Owner Operator Program

This program is one of the best programs being provided by business immigration of Canada. This comparatively modern and special business immigration choice is one of the most beneficial tools for the candidates, who do not satisfy the particular personal net worth and investment demands of the Nominee Programs of the Province, to acquire the latest business in Canada without any least investment, net-worth demands or age limitations.

An aspirant must establish or acquire new business in any territory or province of Canada and is demanded to hold 100% ownership or may have different partner shareholders in the business of Canada presented that he/she has minimum 51% ownership. People are advised to make the least investment of CAD 500,000 below this program.

Once the candidate has developed the business and obtained other licensing demands, he or she will be suitable for a Work Permit for one to two years below which the candidate must be committed in the day-to-day activities of the business and satisfy other essential requirements including employing a citizen or permanent resident of Canada.

This immigration program gives a pathway for an investor to get a Canadian PR. Upon achieving the expected eligibility criteria, eligible aspirants can make a strong appeal for Canadian PR.

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