Prince Edward Island Reopens Office For Immigration Services

Prince Edward Island Reopens Office for Immigration Services | Updated: 09 Aug 2019

Prince Edward Island
Canada Immigration
received a boost today. The services office located in Charlottetown, PEI, reopened with a citizenship ceremony. Ahmed Hussen Federal Immigration Minister attended the ceremony.

Charlottetown has witnessed 30 permanent residents belonging to 11 countries becoming the citizens of Canada as per the Governmental release. 

Availing Canada Immigration Services

The immigration office in PEI was closed in 2012, and as a result, all the newcomers, had to go away from the island, to avail the wide range of Immigration Services

In the past three years the number of immigrants in PEI had an impressive increase. The reasons of this achievement are Atlantic Growth Strategy as well as the Atlantic Immigration Pilot that together attracted more newcomers. 400 residents of PEI became Canadian citizens during the last two years.

The new office will provide these services:

  • Citizenship tests,

  • Conducting interviews and ceremonies,

  • Holding the immigration interviews,

  • Permanent resident landings,

  • Card distribution to permanent residents

It is working in coordination with service provider organizations dealing in local settlement. Finally it also manages refugee claims.

Canadian Immigration and New Arrivals

Sean Casey, the MP of Charlottetown, stated that new persons in Canada are a necessary part of the community, and they bring several economic and social benefits. The reopening of Charlottetown office provides a wide range of support and services to the residents of PEI that they need for becoming citizens very close to their homes.

PEI is the smallest among the Canadian provinces and also has the densest population. It has three counties Kings, Prince and Queens. There is a 12.9-km Confederation Bridge which serves as its star attraction. It connects the island to the neighboring province of New Brunswick. The capital is Charlottetown. The population of the province was142,907 in 2016. It offers a good option for Canada Immigration .

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