Quebec Launches Personalized Integration Program For Immigrants

Quebec Launches Personalized Integration Program for Immigrants | Updated: 13 Aug 2019

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Quebec is all determined to start a personalized integration program for immigrants below which immigrants to the province will begin receiving assistance even prior to landing. As a portion of the personalized integration program, planned immigrants will be allotted with an individual immigration assistant officer who id responsible for following up their case step-by-step.

Simon Jolin-Barrette, Quebec’s Diversity, Immigration, and Inclusion Minister, declared the launching of personalized support program on 8 Aug 2019. The Quebec government is launching the program as part of the immigration law reformations. As per the news release announced by the Quebec Immigration Ministry, the program strives to implement the best potential tools to help immigrants to integrate into Quebec society successfully.

Below the personalized integration program, planned immigrants will have a path to the services and resources of a selected immigration officer once they receive the Quebec Selection Certificate (C.S.Q). They will obtain details on various Quebec regions, identification of their professional qualifications, and an opportunity to take an online French course.

The immigrants will be welcomed at the airport and will be requested to meet the selected integration assistance officer. They can reach the officer in five days to produce a personalized action plan.

The integration process for immigrants includes four steps:

  1. Arrival

  2. Francization

  3. Job market Integration

  4. Integration with the Community

The immigrants can attend an elective course to discover about the socio-cultural facts and employment market in Quebec. The students who enroll in this course will get an incentive of CAD 185.

The Government of Quebec is investing 20 million dollars yearly for the personalized integration program that covers the production of 4 new government jobs; appointment of 78 Officers for Integration Support and six Coordinators.

By starting the new project, the government of Quebec is aiming to promote and assure the flourishing integration of immigrants into the society of Quebec.

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