South Australia Implements Specific Immigration Rules From 1 July 2019

South Australia Implements Specific Immigration Rules from 1 July 2019 | Updated: 04 Jul 2019

South Australia Implements Specific Immigration Rules from 1 July 2019

South Australia has executed specific vital immigration rules that have come into force in this month. The Australian state has also announced the List of new Skilled Occupations and even the Supplemental List. The latest expanded List of State Nominated Occupations (SNOL) for South Australia immigration published for 2019-20 contains 275 professions. The occupations highlighted in the latest list comprise those connected to Trade, Social Welfare, ICT, STEM, and Health.

As per the current rules, South Australia will remain to sponsor the candidates who have minimum 80 points through High Points category, and it includes the points for nomination from the state, on the points test being attended by the Department of Australia Home Affairs. Minimum expected points may increase, and specific professions may be stopped for nomination below High Points in the future.

In the event of ICT professions applicants for South Australia, the least required score is 75 points, and it includes points received under the ACS Skills Evaluation as well as points received for nomination from the state on the points test of the Department of Home Affairs. However, South Australia immigration candidates under two categories require only 65 points for professions under ICT. These are applicants currently working in the state of South Australia and abroad graduates of South Australia.

South Australia will hold its category of immigration for long-term residents of the state, with a small change. Global students who have lived in South Australia for higher than seven years can appeal under this category. By maintaining this category, South Australia state intends to acknowledge those foreign students who have lived in South Australia and proceeded to contribute towards its development.

Eligibility Criteria

To receive a state nomination from South Australia below the Skilled Regional (Provisional) visa (subclass 489), global students must satisfy the below requirements:

  • He/she need to be a prior or current abroad student living in SA
  • He/she need to stay in South Australia constantly for the past seven years and should be living in the SA state at the time of application filing
  • He/she need to be presently working in South Australia from the past three months, for at least 40 hours fortnightly; or
  • He/she need to be pursuing a course which has a minimum duration of one year in South Australia

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