Tremendous Growth Observed In New Immigrants Obtaining Canada Jobs

Tremendous Growth Observed in New Immigrants Obtaining Canada Jobs | Updated: 12 Jun 2019

Tremendous Growth Observed in New Immigrants Obtaining Canada Jobs

The number of current immigrants getting work quickly in Canada touched a new high in the year 2018, thanks to Federal Express Entry System and strong job production.

With Canada welcoming economic newcomers with experience and in-demand skills, and unemployment at its weakest in higher than 40 years, immigrants are finding it simpler to obtain jobs.

An internal memo of the federal government, received by the Canadian Press, describes a 71% rate of employment for immigrants aged in between 25 to 54 coming in the recent five years. It is the greatest percentage since the rate of employment for new immigrants started being recorded in the year 2006.

Unemployment and Participation among current immigrants were better in 2018 than prior to the year 2008 global economic crash.

Immigrants who are aged between 25 to 54 coming to Canada are also educated better, with 80% holding post-secondary credentials in the year 2018, related to 75% in 2008. It compares to 71% of the general population in Canada the identical age bracket holding a post-secondary education.

Canada moves to boost the number of newcomers it welcomes every year to well surpassing 300,000. With Express Entry regulated towards inviting applicants with the excellent credentials first, the result the system is producing since it began in 2015.

Statistics Released by Federal Government

The memo also gave statistics on Canadians second-generation, with 95% of 25 to 44-year-old finished high school, related to 89% of those having Canadian-born parents. Notably, 41% of Canadians second-generation had university degrees, related to 24% of those having Canadian-born parents.

Data from 2017 reveals Canadians second-generation have a median income of CAD 55,500, approximately CAD 4,000 greater than those having Canadian-born parents.

The entire number of immigrants hit 321,065 in the year 2018, as per the Statistics Canada it is the maximum and greater than 100 years, with 401,000 immigrants coming in 1913.

These numbers are estimated to grow further in the future, with the federal government proposing to bring in greater than 1 million immigrants within 2019 and 2021.

Ottawa’s plan of immigration levels, published in October, projects 330,800 immigrants in 2019, a 2020 sum of 341,000 and 350,000 by 2021. Almost two-thirds of these immigrants will come to Canada through the economic class.

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