Us Announced Recent Fee Changes To Student And Exchange Visitor Program

US Announced Recent Fee Changes to Student and Exchange Visitor Program | Updated: 02 Jul 2019

US Announced Recent Fee Changes to Student and Exchange Visitor Program

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement currently published that The Homeland Security Department has finalized modifications in the fees to be required by the  Program Student and Exchange Visitor (S.E.V.P). The current fee plan implemented from 24 June 2019 and impacts global students in the status of F and M, exchange visitors in the status of J, also S.E.V.P-certified schools.

As per the D.H.S., the fees of the program are used to cover present and estimated costs for S.E.V.P. operations, along with technology maintenance, S.E.V.P. employment and the implementation of improvements to the Information System of Student and Exchange Visitor (S.E.V.I.S). The Department also showed that the increased and the latest fees will support better in facilitating their monitoring of above one million global students seeking academic & vocational studies in the USA. and the numerous S.E.V.P-certified schools. S.E.V.P. is completely funded through its program fees, and the fees have not modified since 2008.

In extension to promoting oversight of global students in the USA, S.E.V.I.S. is handled by the U.S. State Department in the administration of the exchange visitor J visa program. S.E.V.P. also shares S.E.V.I.S. data with U.S. Border and Customs Protection and U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services concerning national security efforts.

The fee raises include:

  • The fee of I-901 SEVIS for F and M foreign students – rise from USD 200 to USD 350. 
  • The fee of I-901 SEVIS for J exchange visitors different from those in the au pair, summer work travel program, and camp counselor participant categories – rise from USD 180 to USD 220.
  • S.E.V.P. School Certification Appeal fee for primary certification – rise from USD 1,700 to USD 3,000.

The brand latest fees cover:

  • A fee of USD 1,250 for SEVP-certified schools registering an appeal for re-certification.
  • A fee of USD 675 when schools enroll an Appeal or Motion Notice.

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