Us Seeks Public Opinion Regarding H 1b Applications Online Registration

US Seeks Public Opinion Regarding H-1B Applications Online Registration | Updated: 29 Jun 2019


The recommended revision to the rules orders the organizations attempting H-1B visas for its employees to register online prior to appealing for the work permit initially.

The United States has asked a public opinion on the proposal to make the process of registration for H-1B applications online, substituting the earlier filing process that is a primary application for such visas.

USCIS Announced Its Plans on H-1B Visas

In December month, the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (U.S.C.I.S.) declared plans for a free online process of registration for H-1B visas prior to the April applications window. The dates for this online method would be published a minimum 30 days before.

The recommended revision to the rules demands the companies trying for H-1B visas for its employees to initially register online before appealing for the work permit, a progress that could hinder the visa process for software services firms of India, the most significant applicants below this category.

The U.S. Homeland Security Department and the U.S.C.I.S. requested opinions from the general public and different Federal agencies on the recommended revision to its presently accepted information collection or new information collection, following the Paperwork Reduction Act (P.R.A.) of 1995. The comments from the public will be allowed for 60 days that is till 26 August.

The online process, intended at lessening the use of paper, might generate further uncertainty, analysts stated, with one more significant point of friction for technology professionals from India, who use a large part of the H-1B visas that announced every year.

The electronic process will notably reduce costs for firms as they have to do the paperwork only for selected candidates who clear the online lottery.

The US President led administration has intensified scrutiny of visa appeals from Indian firms in the preceding few years. Indian and American tech services firms have utilized H-1B visas to deploy technology professionals from India for onsite projects. With greater scrutiny and refusals, however, a lot of these organizations have started recruiting U.S. nationals.

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