Post Landing Services

Post Landing Services

One-stop solution for your Post-Landing needs.

No matter what your wishes and expectations are, we have you covered. All you have to do is just click on your mouse and navigate to our website and we get it done.

Well, landing in an alien country must be a hassle-free process to make it absolutely exciting and a dream come true experience. Our post landing services ensure your landing challenges are taken care of and you do not find a need any acquaintances at the airport to host you.

Internet/offline search on how to book an accommodation or finding an airport pick-up can be both a challenging and a brainstorming process. Opulentus Post Landing Services let you stay away from all these chaos which you otherwise might have to go through for lining up your post-landing process.

Our Post-Landing Services ensures you get end-to-end assistance in your landing process with our tailor-made services.

Our post landing service expert will render you the following services

  • Airport pick-up to your reserved accommodation.
  • Finding accommodation according to your requirement.
  • Assistance in applying for Social Security/Insurance number, PR card or relevant residence status card upon arrival.
  • Assistance in the opening of a bank account.
  • Assistance in getting a telephone number.
  • Assistance in availing the health insurance card.
  • Orientation on the pre-landing and post-landing requirements
  • Other necessary services as per the requirement of the country/client/process.
  • Assistance in job search services* upon landing in Canada.

Opulentus Fees, Costs and Refund Policies

Our experience and expertise in the immigration industry by time is just sky-rocketing, yet our service charges are always set to be competitive and cost-effective at the same time. We believe in providing an affordable and industry best pricing experience for our clientele. Our services charges are standard across all our offices and we ensure that besides company offers and promotions, you will not be demanded or asked to pay a higher or a lower price. The companies determine prices and it remains the same for all clients, offices, and cases.

To get more detailed information on our post landing services, talk to our immigration expert today and relieve yourself from all the chaos of online/offline research.

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