Ireland Student Dependent Visa

Ireland Immigration Rules

An International student who gains entry into Ireland with a student visa to study an academic course of the duration of more than 3 months is permitted to bring along close family members. These include a spouse, civil partner or child as dependents. Ireland Immigration rules allow children below the age of 18 and unmarried to be qualified for Irish Student Dependent Visa.

Visa features

Dependents are allowed to work if the Student Visa holder has a study period of over 1 year.

Ireland student dependent visa holders can stay and travel in Ireland.

Entrant applicants should ensure to submit their applications at the minimum of 6 weeks before travel because the migration processing time is dependent on the number of applications at the embassy. We have a highly effective system that makes it easy to help you get Ireland student dependent visa in a very short time.

Visa Fee & Processing Time

Fee till 6 months: 110 Euros

Fee till 1 year: 156 Euros

Fee above 1 year: 250 Euros

The processing time for the visa is dependent on the number of applications available at the embassy. To this end, candidates are advised to submit their applications at least 6 weeks before their travel time.

Disclaimer: Visa fees can be changed without giving prior notice

Country Profile

Ireland is one of the most interesting places to live in the United Kingdom. With a booming economy and a population of over six million, the country remains one of the best locations to study for those who wish to further their education, and equally for those who wish to visit it.

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