Uk Domestic Worker Visa


Domestic workers are those who provide proper and personal care for employers by running a little or most of their regular day to day activities and chores such as, driving, gardening, cooking, cleaning, nannies, waiting, and several other jobs.

A person can apply for the UK Domestic Worker Visa if;

  • He or she is a domestic worker in a private household or amongst a family.
  • The domestic worker has worked for his employer for more than one year.
  • He or she is not a member or citizen of the European Economic Area.

Duration for process

A person can apply for this work visa up to three months before the date of his or her actual travel to the UK. The Visa Consultants make decisions on visas three weeks before the time elapses.


As a domestic worker who wants to apply for a UK Visa to travel down to the UK with his or her employer, he or she must apply with the sum of €516 for a UK Work Visa to be issued to him or her.

How long can you stay?

A domestic worker can only use this Visa to work with his or her employer in the UK for six months. He or she must return home within the six months duration. Such a visa cannot be extended.

What you can do:

A domestic worker is allowed to stay in the UK even though his or her employer travels to another country while on that same trip, as long as it is within the duration of six months.

A domestic worker is permitted to travel abroad and then come back to the UK to complete his or her stay, although such a worker must prove that he or she still works with the employer, maybe by a letter or a forwarded signature.

A domestic worker is permitted to change employers while on a Domestic work visa as a domestic worker in a private household, as long as he or she doesn't stay longer than the stipulated time of six months. Any moment longer than this, the UK Immigration officials will take up legal actions against the domestic worker.

What you can't do:

An employee on UK domestic cannot change his or her job description with the employee he or she came to the UK with.

An employee cannot live in the UK for a long duration under the guise of frequent visits.

An employee with the domestic work visa cannot bring his family members to live with him as dependents. If they must come, they must come separately.

An employee cannot get public funds.


A domestic worker must be above 18 years old.

A domestic worker must have worked for one year with his or her employer.

A domestic worker must live with his or her employer, or at least in a resident the employer uses regularly.

A domestic worker must be able to support himself or herself without help from the public.

He must have the intentions of leaving on or before the sixth month.


When applying for this UK visa, you are expected to provide the following:

A signed undertaking by your employer

A statement that shows the term and conditions of your employment

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