Uk Tier 2 Dependent Visa

Overview: Tier 2 Dependent Visa to United Kingdom

The UK Tier 2 Dependent Visa allows a skilled worker who is working with the UK Tier 2M Visa to bring along with them their partner and their children (these children in question must be below 18 years of age because in the UK, any person from the age of 18 is considered no longer a dependent but an adult that is capable of fending for himself or herself).

Who is a dependent?

  • A Husband or wife or a civil partner: the spouse of the professional or the person working with the Tier 2 holder is a dependent.
  • A child of the skilled worker who is under the age of 18 years old is also a dependent.
  • A child of the skilled worker who is over the age of 18 years old but has lived in the UK before that age can also be retained as a dependent of the professional.

A skilled professional who is applying for a Dependent Visa must also pay additional charges for healthcare supplement for the dependents.


This mainly has to do with the skilled professional's personal savings. Before he applies for this visa from the Visa Services of the UK, he must be sure and certain that his dependent can be catered for by him when the immigration is finalized.

Measures have been taken to make sure that the dependents are well taken care of, such that the UK has mandated that each dependent coming into the UK must have a minimum of €630 with them, regardless of applying with the worker or separately, excluding the €945 he must have for his own self for his support and living.

The worker in question that benefits from the Tier 2 Visa must have a proof that he is financially capable with evidence of money in his bank account or in the dependent's bank account for 90 days or more.

Those are the criteria that must be met before they apply for the visa.

Dependents applying from the outside UK:

  • The family of the worker must apply for the dependent visa online.
  • Their fingerprints and photographs must be taken at any choice visa application center to qualify them for the biometric residence permit.
  • The dependents must make sure that they get their biometric residence permit not later than 30 days of their said UK arrival date.
  • The swiftness of the visa collection is dependent on the area which the dependents are emigrating from.

Dependents applying from North Korea:

  • These dependents cannot apply online. Each of the family members will have to download a document separately and fill it manually.
  • They must read guidelines on the form to be sure of what to do next.

Dependents applying in the UK on their own:

This applies to the dependents that are already living in the UK but wish to either extend their dependent visas or change their visas. For example, a partner who has been living with the dependent visa may decide to switch to a spouse visa.

Work Eligibility for Tier 2 Dependent Visa

Dependent of UK Tier 2 Visa have the right to work anywhere in the UK, provide their age falls within the required age such an organization may want to employ. However, they are not allowed to work in the hospitals.

Extension of Visa

Holders of Dependent Visa are at liberty to apply for an extension of stay at the expiration of their current visa.

Visa Fee

Main applicant

  • Applying by post from the UK: €578
  • Applying inside UK: €953
  • From Outside UK: €494

Partner or child below 18 (applying same time with the main applicant)

  • Applying by post from the UK: €434
  • Applying inside UK: €809
  • From Outside UK: €494

Partner or child below 18 (applying later and not with the main applicant)

  • Applying by post from the UK: €578
  • Applying inside UK: €953
  • From Outside UK: €494

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