Uk Tier 2 Work Permits


As a person who is not a member of the EEA but would like to work in the United Kingdom, two things must be done by a person;

  • He or she must have a job offer from a licensed sponsor, coupled with a valid certificate of sponsorship
  • He or she must pass the assessment test that will be given during the course of the application of the UK Work Permit Visa.


The UK Tier 2 work permit is a replacement of the old UK work permit system. The UK work permit visa is applied for by non-EEA citizens who are planning to come into the UK through the Uk Immigration to fill a vacant position. They come to fill in these positions because citizens are not able to fill such positions. For the work visa to be issued by the UK Immigration, there must be a confirmation of sponsorship from a certified UK employer.


Basic eligibility for this work visa is that the applicant must have been prior pronounced as qualified to do the job before the application of the Work permit Visa. Also, the UK employer must be able to show, not only the fact that the business itself is genuine, but that there is a genuine position in the business that is really in need of a foreign employee. Furthermore, the employer must provide evidence that there has been a prior advertisement made to confirm that no British citizen could occupy the position.

Four categories of the Tier 2 Work Permits

  1. Skilled Workers: The skilled worker category is for applicants with certain skilled job offers and is needed in the United Kingdom to fill a position momentarily.
  2. Intra-company Transfer: These are people who are transferred from abroad to the UK branch of their working organization.
  3. Sports People: These are for elites, professionals, coaches, and athletes in the sporting world.
  4. Minister of Religion: This category is for workers with a genuine religion.

Conditions for successful applicants of the UK Tier 2 Work Permits

When an applicant is successful, he or she is given up to three years so that he or she can live and work in the UK for the certified employer, although this duration can be extended. An employee who is able to live for five years working with the certified employer can be allowed to apply for an Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR), that is, the permission to stay in the UK, live and work as long as he or she wants to. This application is also known as the application for Permanent Residency. However, work permits will remain with the employer who obtained them. It means that, except otherwise stated, both the documents and the worker are not transferable to another employer.

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