Us Student Dependent Visa


This USA dependent visa is granted to dependents of students migrating to the U.S. under an F1 Student Visa.

The U.S. F2 visa gives the legal dependents (spouse and children) of international students with U.S. F1 visa the opportunity to enter the U.S. The stay of these dependents in the U.S. is a subset of the F1 visa holder. In the event, this immigrant withdraws from school and leaves the U.S. then the dependents too must leave. Also if the F1 student is out of the U.S. for an extended vacation term, the F2 must leave as well.


The student visa holder is required to show evidence of financial resources that is sufficient to support his or her children and/or children. A bank account with about 5000 US dollars is required for the spouse while about 3500 US dollars is required for each child that will be joining you. It must be recent (3 months or less) US bank statement.

For students who have not been in their program for 9 months or more, they are required to submit a letter of support from their academic advisor that they are adjusting well to the academic workload, and he/she has no concern that your academic success may be adversely affected if you bring your family in to the U.S.

F2 visa is suitable for

  • Spouse and children of US F1 visa holders who wants to visit the foreign national studying in the U.S.
  • Spouse and children of USA student visa holders who wants to accompany or join the foreign national student in the U.S.

Duration of F2 visa

U.S. F2 visa guarantees your stay in the U.S. as long as the principal visa holder maintains valid status, but if the principal loses his or her US F1 Visa under any circumstances, you will lose your status as well.

Working under the F2 visa

Holders of F2 visa are not allowed to work in the US, part time or full time. A work visa must be obtained for this.

Studying on F2 visa

The Spouse can study on a part-time basis while children are allowed to study full time for elementary or secondary school (kindergarten to twelfth grade).

Change of status from F2

US F2 visa can apply for the change of status to F1 visa. Until this is approved, an applicant must not take up a new endeavor.

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