Usa Eb5 Evaluation Report

USA EB5 VISA - Investor Immigrant Program

This is also known as the Investor Immigrant Program. It is a flexible visa; the requirements are not strict concerning business experience, age or language. Residents with USA EB5 visa are not mandated, and professional relations in their home country are also not hindered.

On the basis of a qualifying U.S investment, EB5 visa provides you a green card before you migrate. You are not required to manage the day to day affairs of a business; you need to invest in a new business.

The EB5 Adjudications Policy Memorandum guides U.S Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) administration of the EB5 program. This document builds on prior policy guidance for adjudicating EB5 and applies to and binds on all USCIS employees.

EB5 investment can be in the form of equipment, inventory, secured indebtedness, cash, tangible property or the equivalent in cash which is valued based on U.S dollar fair-market value.

When the petition of the foreign national investor gets approved, the investors together with their dependents will be granted conditional permanent residence which is valid for 2 years. It gives eligible applicants the opportunity to gain permanent residency.


  • Document evidence proof confirming the investment
  • Document evidence proof that you will have active involvement I the management of the new enterprise
  • Document evidence of jobs creation

USA EB5 Evaluation Report

Given the enormous effort, including time and money, which goes into immigration to a foreign country, evaluation becomes a necessary and worthy enterprise or exercise. Since no guarantee can be given concerning getting the visa to any country, it is essential to be very careful before investing so much in it. It is wise to always go for your evaluation first.

Visa Fee

  • Immigrant Investor or EB5: $1,500
  • Permanent Residence: $985

Opulentus Services

Opulentus, as a visa consultant, offers you the needed precaution when applying for your EB5 visa.Opulentus EB5 evaluation report will serve as a report card pertaining to your decision as to whether you should invest in the Immigration Processing to the U.S or not. As an immigration consultant, Opulentus offers you the viability test that you need before you go all out in your immigration journey. Our team of experienced and highly skilled consultants working in a state-of-the-art processing center is always at your service. Contact us to put your EB5 evaluation report in the best hands to be sure your investment in US immigration yields the desired result.

  • We give you information on the complete process
  • Submit your documents and details
  • Our team gets to work on your qualification for EB5 visa
  • We feed you back and advise accordingly
  • Visa process starts immediately if you tick the necessary boxes during the evaluation process.
  • Visa documentation (this defers from country to country)
  • Provision of document checklist stage-wise and help with requisites and choices after the signed service agreement copy has been received
  • Provision of documents samples
  • We also correspond with the department for you whenever there is a need for it.

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