Usa K3 Visa

How to get US K3 Visa?

The Spouse visa is one of the most popular visas as far as an immediate relative or family sponsored visas are concerned. There are several provisions for the spouse of a U.S citizen to move to the U.S permanently. For a short-term stay in the U.S, U.S Non Immigrant Visas will suffice but when it comes to living permanently in the U.S, then one of the spouse visas must be applied for.

There are Several Spouse Visas for the U.S; the choice made is a function of the situation of the couple. The couples look at which one of the visas fits them better depending on their ability or inability to fulfill the requirements. Spouse visas include a K3 Visa, Conditional Resident (CR-1) visa, and Immediate Relative (IR-!) visa. Let's look into what K3 visa is all about.

K3 Visa

USA K3 visa is issued or granted to the spouses of U.S citizens to help them reunite on a permanent basis. One of them is a U.S citizen while the other is from a foreign country.

A form called Form 1-130 is filed by the U.S citizen to the U.S Citizenship and Immigration Service so that the spouse can join them. Given that this usually takes some time to be processed the U.S government the K3 visa which allows the spouses to come together in the U.S while they await the result of the petition filed. Spouses with a K3 holder can also work in the U.S by applying for Employment Authorization Documents. This is valid for only 2 years though renewable. If Form 1-130 is not approved, or the couples divorced, the K3 visa will be revoked. It also covers their minor children-unmarried below the age of 21.

Documents required

  • Valid passport
  • Application form submitted for actual dependent visa
  • Documents to prove the relationship with the U.S citizen
  • Citizenship proof of the sponsor
  • If spouse - marriage certificate
  • Birth certificates of children

Visa Fee and Processing Time

There is no fee for K3 visa

Opulentus fees, cost, and refund policy

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Opulentus services

Opulentus offers trusted and reliable services as far as USA immigration is concerned. We assist and guide you at each step until you get your visa. What we do:

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