Opulentus Anti-Fraud Policy

Opulentus Anti-Fraud Policy is specifically designed by immigration and legal experts at Opulentus with an intention to aid every customer in receiving the best of best services without any gaps between the processes. Customer satisfaction has always topped the list for Opulentus. Every immigration aspirant who wishes to avail services from Opulentus is advised to follow the below tips for the best experience.

Payments to Opulentus

Each and every time you make a payment to Opulentus ask for a receipt. Opulentus issues receipts along with acknowledgements for any type of payments made by its customers

Payments to Staff at Opulentus

Please refrain from paying to any of the Opulentus staff at any of the branches for any sort of additional benefits or faster process. We would appreciate if such acts can be brought to the notice of the management. Such concern can be sent to or raise on our Facebook page.

Each and every employee at Opulentus is selected with utmost care after three level of selection process. Every employee is professional, knowledgeable, experienced and dedicated; they can handle any kind of visa related processes with high level of professionalism

Vendors Referred by Opulentus Staff

Opulentus discourages you from availing any kind of services from vendors if suggested by any of the Opulentus employee as the company does not permit nor encourages it staff to do so. Indulging in such things might lead to the risk of deception for which company does not hold any responsibility. The company does not endorse any kind of service by external vendors.

Deceptive Documentation

To properly process your visa application and to successfully get a visa issued, you are expected to submit genuine documents. Opulentus assumes that the information and documents provided by its clients are genuine and does not hold any responsibility for fraudulent documentation. As a company's policy, Opulentus does not provide its clients with any kind of documents neither can assist in gaining fraudulent documents. Hence, you are requested to provide genuine information and documents to smoothly complete your visa application process without any hiccups


Opulentus cannot guarantee a job or visa for any of our applicants. We can only introduce you to placement agencies, float your resume across various job portals for better job opportunities besides carrying out your visa application processes. The approval of any visa solely depends on judgments made by visa officers authorized by the respective countries. No immigration consultant can influence the decision made by visa officers. Even jobs are offered to the clients only at the discretion of employers.

For further assistance please feel free to e-mail us at We are at your service always.

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