Visa Appeals

Visa Appeals

How to Apply for Visa Appeal?

Visa Appeals are requests to the Immigration Services to review a decision made on a visa application by the applicant of such a visa. When an applicant thinks that his or her visa has been unjustly denied, or is not contented with the decision made on his or her visa, he or she has the right to appeal. In the case of an appeal visa, an applicant has to provide more information and documentation even more than the first application itself. This is to convince the officer in charge to revisit the case.

It is important to note that up to 15% of the visas applied for to the UK meet with a wall of denial. Many applicants who apply for the visitor visa and work permit visa are sometimes rejected, especially when there is no concrete or legal reason as to why they are applying for such a visa.

Reasons why Visas are rejected:

There are several reasons why the UK can reject a visa. Here are some of those reasons:

  • The government of the UK seeks to reduce the number of people coming into the country. Therefore, visas are being rejected at the sight of any flaw, and more visas are still going to be rejected in order to curb the immigration population rate.
  • An applicant may have forgotten to include an important document needed by the visa services.
  • He or she might have filled his or her information wrongly.
  • An applicant whose documents do not meet the requirements of visa acceptance will be denied the visa.

At all times, however, the Visa Rejection Letter will state why an applicant was denied a visa.

When to make Visa Appeals:

The Visa Rejection Letter states all the information that an applicant needs to know concerning the rejection, his or her right to appeal and the duration in which an appeal can still be valid. An appeal is considered valid;

  • If the applicant's visa rejection infringes on his or her rights as a human. This means that if his or her visa has been denied on the grounds of colour, gender, ethnicity or religion, such a client has a valid case to appeal for;
  • If the Home Office of the applicant in question refuses the applicant's right to protection.
  • If the decision made is related directly or indirectly to the European Economic Area.
  • If the applicant's British Citizenship will be revoked.

How Visa appeals can be made:

Visa Appeals can be made through the website of the government or through filling the appropriate form and then sending it through the number that came with the Rejection Letter. It is advisable that any appeal should be done within the first two weeks after the rejection letter has been delivered.

If an applicant's application for appeal is approved, he or she will render the case through an immigration lawyer to the tribunal. Primarily, an appeal case of this nature is decided based on the documentation and the appeal form, but in cases where the applicant requests for an oral hearing, it is granted to him or her to either stand for himself before the law court or send representatives.

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Opulentus services

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