Canada Adds 81 000 Jobs In August Majority Of Them Are Part Time Jobs

Canada Adds 81,000 Jobs in August Majority of them are Part-Time Jobs | Updated: 07 Sep 2019
Canada Adds 81,000 Jobs in August Majority of them are Part-Time Jobs

Canadian economy observed a job surge in Aug 2019, there were 81,100 net new jobs, the majority of them were part time, in the sector of services and selected up by young people.

Statistics Canada states that even with the raise, the August rate of unemployment stabled at 5.7% which is nearly four decade low as more individuals looking for work.

Year over year median hourly wage rise for all employees decreased to 3.7% in the previous month, decelerating from July's 4.5% pace, which was the most powerful monthly reading since Jan 2009.

The agency's recent labor force survey states the nation saw a rush in the last month 73,300 new jobs added in the industry of services and an increase of 94,300 jobs in the sector of private.

The report states 57,200 of the latest jobs were parttime and 42,000 jobs were taken by young workers who are aged between 15 to 24 years.

Related with earlier year, the numbers reveal Canada attached 471,300 jobs the plenty of which were fulltime jobs an increase of 2.5%.

Tremendous Growth of Employment in 5 provinces

Ontario saw the most significant gains, with 58,000 latest positions, driven by the sectors of wholesale and retail. Quebec attached 20,000 jobs over a broad range of industries.

Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and New Brunswick provinces also observed a significant increase in the growth rate of jobs.

While the rate of employment held constant in most of the Canadian provinces, British Columbia province and Nova Scotia province both saw unemployment increase by 0.5% as more individuals looked for work.

The latest jobs in August 2019 included an increase of 94,300 jobs in the private sector and 73,300 latest jobs in services industries, the agency stated in its latest labor force survey. Job production in services was focused in areas such as insurance, finance, retail, real estate, and education.

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