Canada Study Visa Denials High For Specific Qualified Overseas Students

Canada: Study Visa Denials High for Specific Qualified Overseas Students | Updated: 16 May 2019

Study Visa Denials High for Specific Qualified Overseas Students

Canadian visa application process indicates qualified study permit applicants from specific nations are being rejected on security grounds. Critics state the security checks are so tight it has become nearly impossible to get study in Canada visas for candidates from nations including Nigeria and Pakistan.

Latest Information About Canadian Study Permits

Numbers from 2015 reveal a 32% success rate for study permit appeals from Pakistan, related to 68% in neighboring India.
Immigration policy in Canada below the present federal government is geared towards bringing global students and supporting them to stay after graduation. While colleges and universities are doing well to bring in more international students, but many are finding issues in the processing of visa application.
Many applicants have offers from universities and colleges in hand but are incapable of obtaining the required visa. In the past few years, appeals from Nigeria have seen an enhanced success rate, as per specific stakeholders, but those from the country Pakistan are still encountering issues.
Ahmed Hussen, Immigration Minister of Canada, states more Pakistani appeals are being approved below the Liberal government. He told that each appeal is considered on merit, despite where the applicant comes from.
Hussen states the government will shortly declare plans to add Pakistan to the nations comprised by the Student Direct Stream. The S.D.S provides advanced processing for applicants from specific Asian nations where other criteria are reached. It presently covers China, India, Vietnam, and the Philippines.

Candidates need to submit below evidence for Student Direct Stream:

  • Payment of Tuition fee for the first year of study at a selected learning institution.
  • Assured Investment Certificate Purchase which costs $10,000,
  • Fulfillment of an upfront medical checkup,
  • A qualifying score of minimum 6 for English (IELTS), or 7 for French (TEF), or graduation from a high school of Canadian-curriculum.

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