Nb Seeks Efficient Atlantic Immigration Pilot To Control Labor Shortage

NB Seeks Efficient Atlantic Immigration Pilot to Control Labor Shortage

opulentus.com | Updated: 08 Jan 2019

New Brunswick companies have asked for a streamlining of the hiring process for foreign workers by the Program of Atlantic Immigration Pilot.

Importance of Efficient Atlantic Immigration Pilot

Companies say that it is taking up to one year for workers to reach and to join in their jobs but they require to fill instantly. A current report unveiled New Brunswick is fighting with an occupation opening rate of 2.7%.

The Canadian Independent Business study Federation put the unfilled vacancies number in the NB province at 6,300. For several years NB struggles with huge unemployment, now the difficulty has changed to the labor shortage.

The federal government of Canada knows the region of Atlantic Canada, along with Newfoundland & Labrador, Nova Scotia, PEI as well as New Brunswick, notices few of the higher acute conflicts with a decrease labor market and the population of aging.

The Canadian Government answer, in association with the governments of the provinces, is the program of Atlantic Immigration Pilot. It works alone with the programs of provincial such as the Provincial Nominee Program of New Brunswick.

The employer-led program’s primary intention is to get 2,000 further immigrants per year to this region, with projections for that to increase to 4,000 by the year 2020. It is a program provided towards assuring newcomers are coming for particular jobs. Employers need to be registered and permitted to obtain permission to the A.I.P.

Immigration officials are attempting to handle this by giving and letting AIP applicants enter Canada with work permits of Canada while their appeals are being processed.

New Brunswick province is suffering from labor deficits from the high level to the bottom level of its economy. Accountants, call center clerks, and engineers are all in high demand.

Atlantic Immigration Pilot Programs

  •          Atlantic Intermediate-Skilled Program
  •          Atlantic High-Skilled Program
  •          Atlantic International Graduate Program

The education, work experience, and job offer an applicant needs to depend on as they are appealing as a worker or a global student graduate. The additional criteria are equal for both.

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