Quebec Aims To Protect Temporary Workers With Placement Agency Licences

Quebec Aims to Protect Temporary Workers with Placement Agency Licences | Updated: 22 May 2019

Quebec Aims to Protect Temporary Workers with Placement Agency Licences

Quebec has tabled a draft ordinance to set a mandatory license system pointed at personnel recruitment agencies and placement agencies for Temporary Foreign Workers (T.F.Ws). The law is intended to improve the protection of T.F.Ws who are working in the Quebec province. The license, which will need payment of a CAD 1,780 fee, will be declared by the province’s Committee on Equity, Health, Standards, and Work Safety. Quebec’s decision to start a licensing system accompanies a similar move in the province of British Columbia earlier in 2019.

It is designed to obstruct agencies from:

  • Temporary Foreign Workers charging with recruitment fees,

  • Carrying personal documents, or

  • Taking steps or agreeing on provisions to stop or limit the employee’s recruiting by the organization exceeding 6 months period from the commencement date.

For personnel recruitment agencies, the law specifies license holders are not permitted to charge an employee for employer assignment, job interview advice, training, or for writing job search tools.

Candidates for a personnel placement agency license need to produce security of CAD 15,000.

Licensed personnel recruitment and placement agencies are also expected to:

  • Produce the TFW with a document detailing work requirements, wages, and contact details of the organization and make that specific document accessible to the authorities of Quebec.

  • Keep for a minimum of six years invoices, contracts, and details on working hours per day and also per week by every T.F.W for each organization.

Demands include to be over 18, pay a fee of CAD 1,780, provide the necessary security (agencies of personnel placement only) and show that they are not below a bankruptcy order.

All personnel recruitment and placement agencies presently operating in the field will be needed to apply for a license. Any agency rejected a license will not be permitted to remain working in the area. Unless current facts are raised, the agency not able to reapply for a license for 02 years.

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