T20 World Cup In Australia Cricket Fans Can Apply For A Visa Online

T20 World Cup in Australia: Cricket Fans Can Apply For a Visa Online

opulentus.com | Updated: 17 Sep 2019

T20 World Cup in Australia
Currently India is a fast growing inbound market for Australian Tourism and for the five years consecutively there was a double-digit growth in it.  Australia has set the plans to welcome cricket fans from the entire world, for the ICC T20 World Cup, to be played for women and men, in eight cities. The finals of both these tournaments will be held at the famous Melbourne Cricket Ground.

An expected boost

The scheduled date T20 World Cup for Women is Feb 21 to March 8, 2020, and for the Men it is Oct 18 to Nov 15, 2020.

The fans arriving in Australia will help in building on the positive legacy created by the ICC World Cup of 2015, co-hosted by Australia. The tournament attracted 1, 00,000 global visitors.

The tournament for women also presents an unmatched opportunity when its finals will be hosted on March 8, 2020, marking the International Women’s Day.

Simon Birmingham Tourism Minister Australia announced funding of Australian $5 million for Tourism Australia. Additionally, this will promote the ICC T20 Cricket World Cup to Indian fans, and also drive visits to the twin tournaments. It also enhances the destination appeal for Australia among the Indians. The growth from India is encouraging, and it is on the sixth place for inbound market in Australia considering the spending.

India has a fine track record

India had a goal of 3,00,000 arrivals in 2020 for its visitors but this was achieved in Dec 2017, itself.

Australia was a top consideration of High Value Indian travelers, and has recorded 3,72,100 arrivals for the year ending in June 2019 registering an  increase  of 11 percent in comparison to the previous year. Tourism Australia has a plan to undertake initiatives for managing the increase in Indian visitors. Additionally the Home Affairs Department allows these travelers to apply for an online visa.

The requirement of attending personal interviews, submitting physical copy of passport, the financial documents or biometrics is removed. The average processing time for online visa is 15 days, and it has a validity of 12 months. Australia plans to reach the figure of Indian arrivals, at half a million before 2020, and the figure of one million, before 2025. We bring all the details of trending news and our patrons can contact us.

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