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The Australian Employers Nomination System (ENS) is a scheme that enables Australian employers to sponsor foreign citizens to obtain a permanent visa which allows them to work and live in Australia.

The Employer Nomination Scheme requires a thorough evaluation of the professional and the skills designated by the DIBP.

Program Details

Visa Requirements

Foreign citizens can apply for the ENS if:

  • Appointed by a licensed Australian employer
  • Your age is under 50 years
  • Meet the set conditions for the English language, qualifications and skills

Foreign professionals can send an expression of interest (EOI) via Select Skill if they have not been nominated by an employer

Employers and territorial governments and state can see the details completed at the EOI and may or may not consider you for nomination for skilled migration.

The Australian Government may refuse to give you a visa if you are indebted to the Australian government. However, payment arrangements can change the choice.

Remark: In addition to IELTS, the Immigration Department now accepts PTE academic tests and iBT TOEFL since November 2014.

Eligibility Criteria

Three types of (ENS)

The three ENS Streams:

Temporary Residence Transition stream is meant for holders of 457 visa who have worked for 2 years and their employer wishes to offer them a full term position.

The Direct Entry stream is for people who on no occasion have ever worked in any capacity in the labor market of Australia.

The Agreement stream is set aside for persons sponsored by the employer through labourer regional migration arrangement.

What will Employer Nomination Scheme let you do?

ENS enable the principal applicant and family members residing in Australia to stay in Australia as a permanent resident (PR). (The name of the authorized family member must be in the visa applicant)

  • work and live in Australia permanently
  • Study at an Australian institution
  • Eligible to receive subsidized healthcare through the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme and Medicare
  • Access to some social security payments (depending on waiting times)

Application Costing

Visa Fee

  • Primary visa application: 3755 USD
  • Additional billing for applicants of 18 years and above: 1875 USD
  • An applicant under 18 years: 940 USD

Processes of Applying

Step 1: Make sure you meet all requirements to work in Australia

You must meet the general requirements for the subclass visa 186 and the specific needs of the streams you are applying for. The Visa for Subclass 186 allows you to work in Australia under one of the following three streams:

  • The transition of temporary residence
  • Direct Entry stream
  • The agreement contract

Step 2: Have Your Employer Lodge their Nomination

Before you can apply for a subclass 186 visa, your employer must apply to the Australian Department of Interior (DHA). You must use less than six months after the application is approved.

Step 3: Preparing Your Documents

Subclass 186 Visa requires you to submit multiple documents with your login to prove that the requests are made. The reports are listed in the Document Checklist.

Step 4: Register your online login

An Employer Appointment Visa (Subclass 186) requires you to register online. More information here. When you register, you must have all the documents ready, as well as the visa costs that can be paid by credit card.

Step 5: Wait for the decision.

DHA may take several months to decide your visa application.

Step 6: Take a visa and start working

Upon approval of your application, you will receive a visa and can start or continue working in Australia.

How Opulentus helps you?

  • Register with Opulentus
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  • Get your invitation for visa

Opulentus Fees, Cost and Refund Policy

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Opulentus Services

  • We take every step with you, guiding and giving you advice to get the best possible documentation till you get your visa.
  • We provide you with all the information there is to process your application.
  • Visa documentation
  • Once you sign the service agreement copy, we give you the document checklist and provide you with information on what to do and you’re other options.
  • We give you other document samples and guide you on how to fill it
  • We will correspond with the Department for you when necessary

Note that each country has her own documentation service and process. Kindly refer to your Service Agreement for more details.

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